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Choosing the Right iPhone 4 Price Plan

Choosing the Right iPhone 4 Price Plan

Upgrade and Contract Penalties

Upgrade and Contract Penalties

Should you wish to upgrade from the iPhone 3G or 3GS to the iPhone 4, there's one detail that you need to take note of - the starting date of your 2-year contract. Across all three telcos, there are three time periods within the contract that you should be aware of:

From 1st to 11th month

Upgrading is not possible.

From 12th to 20th month

Upgrading is possible, with a top-up of $100 (for a non-iPhone contracted handset) or $300 (for an iPhone contracted handset) accompanying the listed price of the price plan you're signing up for.

Also, the price plan that you wish to sign up for must be of the same tier or higher. We've also had reports of the re-contract fee being waived for a selected group of customers upon request. You might want to try your luck requesting the customer officer servicing you.

From 21st month onwards

Upgrading is possible, and the price plan you wish to sign up for must be of the same tier or higher.

Here's the deal for those of you who're looking to upgrade from your previous iPhone 3G or 3GS to iPhone 4 - it really boils down to when you got your earlier iPhone.

For SingTel users, if you've been faithfully following the Apple train and bought the iPhone 3G at the initial launch, you'll definitely be eligible for the upgrade. If not, you might want to check with your respective telcos on your contractual period, using the above time frame as a gauge of when you can upgrade your iPhone.

For M1 and StarHub users, you'll have to patiently wait it out. Given that both telcos brought in the iPhones on December 2009, this means the next earliest possible upgrade will be opened to you by December 2010.

However, if you really can't wait for it, there's also the option to purchase the iPhone 4 from the Apple Store from 30th July onwards. Currently, the listed price of the iPhone 4 16GB and 32GB without contract is $888 and $1048 respectively. As the equipment penalty varies according to the price plan you signed up for and the remaining number of months on your contract, consider the following equation:

Cost of iPhone 4 from Apple Store < Termination Fee + Subsidized iPhone 4 pricing with telco

If the above holds true (which is very likely), go for a direct purchase from the Apple Store or its authorized retailers.

But be reminded that by doing so, you'll have to cut your existing SIM card to microSIM size, or request for a new microSIM (registration and card fees might apply) from your respective telcos.