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Budget Casing Shootout - Affordable PC Housing

Budget Casing Shootout - Affordable PC Housing

Introducing the Casings

The Antec Two Hundred

Antec is a veteran in the computer chassis market, having been designing and manufacturing computer casings for over 25 years. Apart from casings, their business now also includes computer power supply units and cooling solutions.

The Antec Two Hundred we have here is one of the company's most basic gaming-class casings. It's meant to be a simple and no-frills way for users on a tight budget to get a system up and running. As such, it looks decidedly basic with its plain all-black theme. However, we can see that Antec has tried to spice things up a little by including a spiderweb-like design on their front panel.

The Cooler Master Centurion 5 II

Think of computer casings and one of the names that springs to mind is Cooler Master. Having been around since the early 90s, Cooler Master is one of the most popular brands for system builders.

The Centurion 5 has been Cooler Master's foremost budget mid-tower chassis for some time now and it's high time for a revision, hence the new Centurion 5 II. The Centurion 5 II looks mostly similar to the older Centurion 5 so it's not going make you double take, much less win any beauty contests. Having a front blue LED fan is a nice touch though. Much like the other casings here, it is a basic affair designed for one purpose only, and that is to house your PC components. Simple and functional.

The Gigabyte Luxo M1000

More famous for its motherboards and graphics cards, Taiwanese hardware giant Gigabyte also offers a wide selection of computer chassis as well. The Luxo series is just one of their many line-ups of casings and despite the upmarket sounding name, Luxo is really Gigabyte's line of affordable, budget casings.

When it comes to looks, the Gigabyte Luxo M1000 is desperately plain and basic. Gigabyte clearly designed this casing for one single purpose, and that is to house your PC components comfortably, nothing more. Also, we must say that the casing is very light, but that comes at the expense of sturdiness, as it feels much flimsier compared to its competitors.