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Back to School with Canon's New Cameras

Back to School with Canon's New Cameras

Canon's Newest DSLR Cameras

Back to School with Canon's New Cameras

Canon brought us back to school with the spring launch of their latest and greatest compact cameras, DSLR cameras and digital camcorders. Join us in session to learn what's new!

Two New Canon DSLR Cameras Join the Class

As soon as the bell rung we were treated to the latest additions to Canon's DSLR cameras. Joining the class are the EOS 600D and the 1100D. The EOS 1100D is the successor to the entry-level 1000D DSLR camera which was released back in 2008, while the 600D is an upgrade to the 550D which was released last year (it's not quite the replacement according to a spokesman, but will exist side by side with the 550D).

Both the 600D and the 1100D come with Basic+, a new feature designed to help users take better-looking pictures, with settings in plain English like 'warm', 'soft' or 'vivid'. Also new to both cameras is Feature Guide, which offers simple descriptions with all functions and settings to help educate users on how to use them.

The Canon EOS 600D also comes with the new 'Scene Intelligent Auto' which determines the type of scene you're taking and applies an appropriate scene setting - you could be shooting a portrait for example, and the 600D goes to a Portrait scene setting which helps to smoothen the skin tones.

The 600D records full 1920 x 1080 HD video, with a new vari-angle LCD monitor to help you shoot from more creative angles. The 1100D shoots video at 1280 x 720.

The Canon EOS 600D is available from 10th March, and the EOS 1100D will be arriving in late March.