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Adobe MAX 2009 Event Highlights

Adobe MAX 2009 Event Highlights

Other Notable Announcements and Applications Advancements

Other Notable Announcements and Applications Advancement

Later that morning, Johnny Loiacono, Senior VP, Creative Solutions Business Unit for Adobe, announced that Adobe Flash Professional CS5 will allow developers to create rich, interactive apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

This came after a tongue-in-cheek "Mythbusters-inspired" video skit that also starred Kevin Lynch.

Basically, developers can use CS5 to export applications for the iPhone, using the same source code used to deliver applications across desktops and devices for Flash Platform runtimes - Adobe AIR and Flash Player 10. Most developers hope that over time, Apple would allow Flash on Safari on the iPhone. The public beta of CS5 will be available later this year.

In a media chat session with Lynch, there were some discussions with regards to Omniture and how different it will be from online metrics services like Google Analytics.

"From a purely data capture analytics point-of-view, you can say that there are a lot of similarities between what Omniture has with other online metrics solutions. But if you look at what some of the customers using Omniture want, they have requirements that are different from what you get from free solutions. Some clients, like Adobe for instance, don't want to share these data with other clients, while Omniture customers might not want these data to be sort of outside on the cloud and beyond their control. So with Omniture, you actually own your data, but with other free solutions, you don't," Lynch said.

On the second day, he went on stage again to show several augmented reality applications, such as one by the US Postal Service. He basically placed a key-card under a camera and instantaneously, the screen shows a parcel that makes it easier for you to determine the size of the parcel you need.

He also showed an augmented reality music video for the single "Heartbreak Warfare" by Grammy Award-winning musician John Mayer for his upcoming album "Battle Studies". He lifted the special key-card to a camera and a 3D-animated music video of John Mayer singing appeared on screen.

John Mayer also made a special guest appearance on stage to share his experiences filming the music video and doing an augmented reality experience for the single.

Another impressive demo we saw included a real-time delivery tracking and management application for Federal Express' Custom Critical service based on Adobe's LiveCycle enterprise-based solutions.

Basically, using LiveCycle, Flex and various other Adobe tools, Federal Express is able to track their delivery trucks in real-time across the entire country and make trajectories, alternative paths and more, using easy-to-view charts and gauges, backed by a powerful secure algorithm in the background.