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Internet Explorer 7 Bids Farewell to Windows Genuine Advantage
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Fri 05 Oct 2007

For all the Internet Explorer fans, rejoice. With the latest update available for IE7, you can bid farewell to the cumbersome Windows Genuine Advantage validation. This would probably be a gift to users of counterfeit Windows XP who are denied IE7 updates due to the limitation of the Windows Genuine Advantage validation. - Because Microsoft takes its commitment to help protect the entire Windows ecosystem seriously, we're updating the IE7 installation experience to make it available as broadly as possible to all Windows users. With today’s "Installation and Availability Update," Internet Explorer 7 installation will no longer require Windows Genuine Advantage validation and will be available to all Windows XP users. If you are not already running IE7, you can get it now from the Internet Explorer home page on, get a customized version from a third-party site, or, if you haven't already received it via Automatic Updates, this version will be delivered to you as we described previously. If you are already running IE7, you will not be offered IE7 again by Automatic Updates.

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