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ASUS Introduces Silent Knight All-Copper Cooler
Cooling Devices | Just Announced
Fri 03 Nov 2006

ASUS Technology announced the Silent Knight CPU cooler, which utilized 100% copper (an highly effective conductor) for its fins, base and heat pipes to enable efficient heat dissipation for the latest dual-core processors. The Silent Knight offers quiet performance and a unique design with blue LED, providing a peaceful computing environment and a stylish system interior.

Fast heat dissipation – All copper cooler with 6 heat pipes

Besides the fan, the Silent Knight is an all-copper CPU cooling solution. With copper, an effective heat conductor, large heat exchange area, lightweight design to relieve stress on the motherboard, and six curved heat pipes to transfer heat to the fins, processor temperature is always maintained at levels most suitable for high-performance and reliable computing.

AMD and Intel dual-core CPU support

The Silent Knight supports the Intel’s Core2 series, Pentium D Dual-Core CPU, Pentium 4 LGA775 and Socket 478 processors as well as the AMD’s Socket AM2/940/939/754, AthlonTM 64-FX, AthlonTM and SempronTM processors.

Voltage regulation module protection

The voltage regulation shield inside the cooler directs airflow created by the 9cm LED fan to surrounding VRM (voltage regulation modules), which are critical to processor operation and overall system reliability. This unique design effectively reduces VRM temperature by 10-15?C.

3-step installation

The patented retention module adopted is made specifically to enable easy cooler installation in three simple steps even without removing the motherboard from the system or memory modules from the board, and regardless of the processor platform.

1. Place retention set on the motherboard

2. Place cooler over the CPU.

3. Lock cooler with spring clip

Specification summary
CPU support
Intel Core2 Extreme/ Core2 Duo/ Pentium D (Dual-Core)
Intel Pentium 4 HT/ Celeron D CPU
AMD Athlon 64 X2/ FX (Dual-Core)
AMD Athlon 64/ Sempron
Cooler dimension
115(L) x 140(W) x 110(H)mm, 610g
Heat sink material
Copper base + copper punched fins + 6 copper heat pipes
Fan dimension
92 x 92 x 25mm
Fan speed
2,200 rpm ± 10%
Bearing type
Sleeve bearing
The Silent Knight is available now. For more detail information, please visit the ASUS homepage at