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ASUS Launches WL-700gE Wireless Storage Center
Wireless/Networking | Just Announced
Wed 18 Oct 2006

Singapore, October 2006 -- ASUS Technology introduced the WL-700gE, which is a multifunctional broadband wireless storage router. It’s also a digital home media center, as well as a user-friendly network storage.

ASUS Innovations for Wireless Digital Home

Download master and iTune service – The WL-700ge is an excellent offering that integrated a 3.5-inch hard drive. It enables convenient downloads through http, ftp and BT protocols, and is able to operate independently from the PC, which means the WL-700gE can continue to download even when the computer is off or disconnected! Moreover, it supports Apple’s popular iTune interface. Simply just plug in your iPod and share stored music with other devices in the network. The WL-700gE will act as the LAN’s audio center.

DDNS Support+ Web Browser Sharing

Whether it’s friends or customers, all they need to do is to open Microsoft Internet Explorer, type in the link, access and share the files. There’s no hassle at all for WL-700gE!

Information Sharing Solution

The WL-700gE complies of 802.11b/g with friendly functions for network data storage and distribution.
· 160GB internal Hard Drive is pre-installed in the WL-700gE
· Intuitive EZSetup Wizard
· Download Master: Download around the clock even when your computer is disconnected or off, leaving your notebook free to roam
· Triple coverage range and increase data transfer speeds by 35%
· Easy platform for business data sharing via ftp or http over the Internet
· All computing devices in WLAN can share any printer supporting Windows and MAC networking printer function

WiFi Multimedia

WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) provides multimedia enhancements for Wi-Fi networks that improve the user experience for audio, video, and voice applications. The Wi-Fi Alliance defined WMM as a profile of the upcoming IEEE 802.11e Quality of Service (QoS) extensions for 802.11 networks and started a certification program for WMM to satisfy the most urgent needs of the industry for a QoS solution for Wi-Fi networks.

The WL-700gE is suitable for environments that demand true wireless freedom, delivering easy wireless storage, media streaming and file sharing at high speeds and to large signal coverage areas.