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See the Only Keys You Need with Philips Prestigo Remote Control
Peripherals | Just Announced
Tue 29 Aug 2006

Exciting times call for innovative solutions. And it’s exciting in the home entertainment world, as the audio-visual envelope is pushed to embrace gaming, multimedia and more. Big screens, surround sound, and dynamic interaction; welcome to the home entertainment
zone. Steering this experience from its epicentre: the Philips Prestigo universal remote control.

Control, comfort and convenience

The Prestigo brings control, comfort and convenience together. It puts the user in control of all devices via the intuitive touch-sensitive display. It’s straightforward to install too, thanks to the built-in set-up wizard and the remote’s learning capabilities. And it looks sensational, in harmony with today’s home equipment.

See only what you need

No other universal remote control is quite like the Prestigo. It controls up to 8 devices from 20 categories covering thousands of brands. It is activity-based, with a touchsensitive display that only shows the buttons you need to operate the currently selected device. This makes operation highly intuitive without sacrifi cing functionality. Choosing devices and navigating menus is simplicity
itself with the smooth rotary control. It’s even easier to use than the original remotes.

Great convenience

Shows only the keys you need on the touch-sensitive display
Easy access to advanced commands via interactive LCD display
LCD screen has backlighting for convenience in the dark
Rotary cursor control makes menu navigation intuitive
Multiple commands combined into one-touch control

Quick and easy set-up

No manual needed for set up
Convenient IR learning from another remote by pointing to it

The SRU9600 is available at all leading electronic stores and retailing at $239.