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BeCell Launches Its First Vibration Stereo Headset 160G For Gaming
Speakers/Headphones | Just Announced
Thu 17 Aug 2006

Taipei, Taiwan, August 9, 2006 -- BeCell Innovations introduced a new generation of vibrating stereo headset for gaming. Unlike traditional headsets with built in motors, the new VSG160G is based wholly on BeCell new bass vibration technology and aims to provide the gamer a new level of enhanced audio gaming experience.

The VSH160G has a built in line vibration control allowing the gamer to adjust the vibration and audio levels accordingly creating a personal audio episode. PC and hand held action packed gamers and adventurers can now feel the audio blast and explosions that brings virtual gaming a step nearer to reality.

“It’s ideal for any PC or handheld gamer who really wants to immerse and rock their games. It provides that extra ammunition to gaming and this is just a beginning of what’s to come.” says Esther Chen, President of BeCell.

Although, VSH160G is the ultimate solution for gaming, the headset is also compatible with other multimedia applications such as boosting DVD entertainment. DVD gurus can truly enjoy their movies on their PCs, notebooks or handheld consoles with that virtual bass experience.

Powered by a single battery, gamers can enjoy up to 12 hours of endless fun and excitement. Coupled with its small, foldable and savvy design, the headset brings together a comfortable and flexible gaming and multimedia event.