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TRITTON Introduces Dolby Digital 5.1/Pro Logic Gaming Headphones
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Thu 11 May 2006

E3, LOS ANGELES, May 10 -- TRITTON Technologies today announced the Audio Xtreme AX360, one of the industry's first high performance Dolby Digital and Pro Logic certified digital gaming headsets for Xbox, Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation PS2 console gamers. The AX360 provides true 5.1 digital, 360-degree surround sound and will be available May 31st at $149.99 MSRP through TRITTON's distributor network. Gamers who pre-register before May 31st at will receive a $20 rebate when they purchase the AX360.

The AX360 connects to the console optical port to deliver optimum, Dolby certified 2.1 and 5.1 digital sound separation. For a radical and extreme gaming experience, the unit features eight strategically placed speakers, four in each ear cup. The external 5.1 audio controller amplifies each individual speaker to completely suck users into the game. The AX360 gives total control with inline adjustments for front, side, rear, and subwoofer to customize the user's own audio extravaganza. The integrated rumble effect will blow their minds, giving them more realistic and immersed game play.

"Game developers are releasing their best titles in 5.1 and Dolby Digital to add a whole new dimension to the gaming experience," said Chris Von Huben, president of TRITTON Technologies. "The AX360 is the most technically-advanced gaming headset in the world, giving gamers a true 360 degree sound field that they not only hear, but feel. Now gamers can personally experience extreme audio without disturbing friends, family, roommates or neighbors. It is not just about being loud; it is also about the total quality and sound separation that transcends gaming nirvana."

With the AX360, gamers can hear when their enemies are sneaking up behind them, the roar of engines as they pass the competition, bullets flying from side to side, explosions emitting from all directions over the battlefield, and every nuance of every different environment -- no matter what kind of game they're playing. With the removable microphone that is XBOX Live compatible, gamers can communicate with the system and other gamers. The AX360 sound box can support two headsets to share in the chaos. Secondary headsets will be available for $59.99 MSRP. The AX360 is not only the perfect gaming headset, it is also ideal for enjoying DVD movies to their original sound.