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ASUS Unveils World’s First Add-In Card with PhysX Processing Unit
Graphic Cards | Just Announced
Mon 08 May 2006

Asus Technology is proud to introduce the PhysX P1 card, which adopted Ageia’s all-new PhysX Processing Unit (PPU) to take gamers to a completely new level of video realism. Currently, only two companies have the capability to develop PPU cards, and ASUS is one of the pioneers. ASUS will begin distributing this exciting new product this month.

In a gaming system, the CPU (Central Processing Unit) drives game AI and logic, while the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) delivers beautiful three-dimensional visual representation. The PPU takes gaming to the next level with never-seen-before dynamic motion and interaction.

By bringing the laws of physics into video performance, systems with the PhysX P1 card can now offer enhanced realism for explosions, flying debris, liquid flows, water splashes and movements influenced by wind. No two motions will be the same, which means no more canned animations and predetermined interaction.

“The PhysX P1 card is first to leverage the PhysX core that optimized specifically for dynamic large-scale, physics processing,” said Kent Chien, Director of ASUS graphics and multimedia business. “This new video technology accelerates real-time physical motion and interaction at a scale far beyond those of CPUs and GPUs.”

With the list of growing PhysX accelerated games poised to hit the stores this year, players need to equip themselves with the most advanced graphics technology to experience gaming realism that not only looks real but acts and feels real as well.

The PhysX P1 card is now available worldwide. For more information, please visit the ASUS homepage at