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Cooler Master Introduces Blue Ice Pro Cooler
Cooling Devices | Just Announced
Mon 24 Apr 2006

Summer comes. Feeling hot? YES! And so does your Northbridge chipset!

Lots of attention has been placed on cooling the CPU, but what about the Northbridge chipset? Since the Northbridge chip is also a vital part of a computers operation, Cooler Master is providing you with an excellent thermal solution by introducing the latest Blue Ice Pro. Cooler Master Blue Ice Pro successfully lowers the temperature of Northbridge chipset while maintaining silence at all time.

With pure copper heat sink and 40mm silent blue LED fan, Blue Ice Pro achieves excellent cooling performance much better than the passive coolers. Thus, achieving the maximum heat dissipation of Northbridge chipset helps increase the activity and stability of running system.

Blue Ice Pro not only has an appealing look but also has an user friendly design that provides convenience for quick installation. The retention module and one additional long clip within the package are designed for universal application for all platforms.

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