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NEC Launches Wireless Installation Projector
Displays | Just Announced
Wed 12 Apr 2006

Singapore, 12 March 2006 -- NEC is launching its latest installation projectors, the NP2000 and NP1000. These wireless network projectors deliver industry leading brightness and advanced connectivity with eight possible connections, combined with easy set-up and use. The NP projectors are ideal for a wide range of installations from Corporate or Home Cinema set-ups through to museums, shops, schools and universities.

Equipped with five lens options, the NP2000 and NP1000 can produce one of the largest ranges of image size currently available. These vary from a 30" diagonal for rear projection applications for corporate and education and public display installations to over 500" which is ideal for a large museum or exhibition spaces. The lenses are installed using a bayonet fitting making swapping a lens as quick and effortless as changing a light bulb.

Installation is easy. With 3D reform and geometric correction as well as vertical and horizontal lens shift, the new NEC projectors make it simple and quick for corporate, homes, schools and public display users to get started. HD compatible and offering multiple connectivity options including DVI, these projectors are also fully future-proofed.

Vincent Koh, Vice President of Multimedia Product Group for NEC Solutions Asia Pacific comments, "With these new installation projectors NEC can offer dealers and end users new levels of flexibility in the range projection solutions on offer. With the NPs, NEC incorporated feature rich technology to offer users the maximum flexibility available from the variety of connection options to the range of image sizes. This ensures NEC is able to offer two of the most adaptable, easy to use projectors available for this sector."

The NP projectors will be hitting the market in May 2006 via NEC's established channel partners.

Key features:

- 4000 ANSI Lumens for the NP2000, 3500 ANSI Lumens for the NP1000

- Five new optional lenses

- Direct Power on/off : automatic cool down extends the lamp life

- HD Compatible: DVI with HDCP and component inputs

- Bayonet lens fixings : change the lens as fast as a lightbulb

- Vertical and horizontal lens shift (up to 50% on the vertical, 20% horizontal)

- 3D reform and geometric software option for extreme projection solutions

- 8 security features

Warranty & Availability

The two new NEC projectors will be available through NEC Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd by early May 2006.
NEC NP1000 Projector S$5,500
NEC NP2000 Projector S$6,500
(Price may vary from source)

NEC Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd offers a standard two years, carry-in warranty on parts and labour.