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Creative Prodikey PC-MIDI
Peripherals | First Looks
Tue 28 Mar 2006

Type The Music 

Piano keys can be hidden beneath the sliding cover that also acts as a palm rest.

The Prodikey PC-MIDI features 37 mini-sized music keys with touch sensitivity

The short cut keys on the top left coner are dedicated for learning/playing music.

It's no secret that if you did not have any musical foundation from young, it will be quite a challenge to pick it up at a later stage of your life. Tough as it may be, the truth is that learning how to play the piano for example has never been easier or less daunting with a simple device called the Prodikey from Creative technology. This is an uncomplicated product designed to walk you through the fundamentals of piano playing and all it takes is a fair amount of spare time in between breaks and you might just impress yourself in no time at all. Best of all, you don't even need to pump in wads of bills for a genuine piano.

Never too old

Currently in its 3rd generation, the latest Prodikey differs from its predecessors in that USB connection has now replaced the older PS/2 input connection. Another new feature of the new Prodikey is that it now comes with programmable multimedia keys for convenience that was previously unavailable. Besides the usual shortcut keys to launch your preferred Internet brower, E-mail and media player applications, there is also a cluster of shortcut keys at the top left corner of the keyboard specially set configured for advanced music purposes. These keys are also tied to three applications designed by Creative to tutor you step by step the basics of piano playing.

First timers will especially be drawn to the "EasyNote" application that teaches and guides Prodikey users how to play simple to intermediate piano compositions in just four sessions of practice involving you to listen and learn from prerecorded compositions before finally playing the pieces on your own. Once user is familiar with the compositions without the need for guidance, they can simply launch the next program called "Midi Keyboard" to simulate actual piano playing with recording options.

For the music makers

With only 37 keys to simulate the full set of keys on conventional piano, you might imagine that the Prodikey would only be capable of simple melodies. While this limitation does exist if the Prodikey was used as it is, the full potential can be easily unleashed when paired with Creative soundcards such as the X-Fi series. Through this pairing, sound fonts can be used to simulate different instruments, thereby allowing for greater musical arrangement possibilities.

Music playback can be saved in two ways: the 'Midi Keyboard' or 'Funmix'. These are applications that can capture music and have them saved in MIDI format. And if you consider yourself a professional, you'll be glad to learn that the Prodikey PC-MIDI can be paired with Cubase SE application for more advanced composition and editing.

Play like a Pro in weeks

The Prodiky PC-MIDI is an innovative device that combines keyboard with piano keys. With it, anyone can work and learn how to play a piano in front of the computer without having to buy separate input devices. When the row of black and white keys is not in use, they can be hidden beneath a sliding cover that also acts as a palm rest. The learning applications are simple and can be mastered with relative ease.

Retailing at a low price of US$43 only, the dual-function of the Prodikey PC-MIDI immediately sets it apart from similarly priced conventional keyboards anytime, and for that, the Prodikey PC-MIDI is definitely well worth a serious consideration.

Product Specifications
  • Standard Microsoft compatible USB computer keyboard
  • 37 mini-sized music keys with touch sensitivity
  • Snap-on color faceplate
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Media Playback buttons
  • Volume control wheel
  • System control hotkeys