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BIOSTAR TForce4 U 775 with NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra
Mainboards | Just Announced
Thu 19 Jan 2006

BIOSTAR Microtech Int'l Corp. announced its new T-series with nForce4 Ultra chipset motherboards - TForce4 U, the new T-series motherboard from BIOSTAR is set to PC gamers and enthusiasts with its unrivalled feature set and capabilities.

The BIOSTAR TForce4 U motherboard not only brings you the cinematic processing performance, but also offers the next-generation x16 PCI Express graphics interface, better secured networking, and advanced storage solution.

NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra Chipset

The unique single-chip, low latency architecture of the NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra MCPs offer one of the industry's best core-logic solutions with outstanding performance and the latest technologies-PCI Express, secure high-speed networking, and high-performance storage-and ensures that your PC stays ready for the newest games, future applications, and next-generation PC specifications.

To protect your precious digital assets, BIOSTAR TForce4 U is also embedded with NVIDIA ActiveArmor Firewall, Secure Networking Engine and powerful NVIDIA MediaShield RAID. Along with 8-channel audio, 10 ports of USB2.0, and massive storage capacity up to 4 ATA-133 and 4 serial ATA 3Gb/s ports, BIOSTAR TForce4 U is the way to power up for your best desktop system.

TForce4 U Main Specification

* Socket 939 for AMD Athlon64 X2/ Athlon64FX/Athlon 64/Sempron
* NVIDIAnForce4 Ultra
* 4 x Dual Channel DDR 400 ( up to 4GB memory)
* 3 x PCI, 1 x PCI-Ex16+XGP, 2 x PCI-Ex1
* 8-CH Audio, Gb LAN
* 4 x SATA 3Gb/s with RAID
* ATX Form Factor

BIOSTAR T-series motherboards are designed for gamers and DIY users. The T-series come with 3 phases which are from hardware, BIOS, and software. The T-series also provides unique features to support higher voltage, higher frequency and more other functions which any other motherboard in the market.

Hardware Features

# Over Voltage IC
# Memory Over Voltage Jumper
# LED Diagnostic
# Build-In Power/Reset Button

BIOS Features

# Overclocking Navigator Engine(O.N.E)
# CMOS Reloading Program (C.R.P)
# Memory Integration Test (M.I.T)
# Self Recovery System (S.R.S)
# Integrated Flash Program (I.F.P)