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Eyemail Premiers Revolutionary Mobile Services
Mobile Phones | Just Announced
Mon 08 Aug 2005

SINGAPORE, Aug. 4 -- Eyemail Technology, Inc (ETI) launches a series of new and exciting mobile services in Singapore for the global market at the New Age Office at Central today. With ETI's new services, mobile phone users can enjoy rich multimedia video content, capture and share video clips via MMS and print digital content all with a mobile phone.

Monet TV is a revolutionary service that enables GPRS mobile phone users to gain fast and easy access to exclusive and exciting multimedia video content on their mobile phones. Users will enjoy and experience highly interactive and richly enhanced content presented via a familiar and intuitive 'channel-based' interface. A user simply needs to download the MonetTV software for free from website, and pay S$5.25 per month as subscription and GPRS charges to their respective service providers.

For a start, users will be able to access channels such as Aerobics, Inspiration, Cooking Tips, Horoscope and 'Best of Best'. Best of Best is a marketing and advertising channel designed to allow both local and overseas users to gain access to Singaporean invented products at a special price.

Best of Best will premier with abKey, a patented keyboard with revolutionary alphabetical layout and unique ergonomic design designed and developed by local upstart abKey Pte Ltd. abKey has been proven to increase typing and learning speeds and reduce errors and fatigue.

"We are very excited to be the first product to be featured on the 'Best of Best' channel," says Bob Teo, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, abKey Pte Ltd. "Monet TV is an excellent channel for us to reach out to our potential buyers as it is convenient, fun and trendy to use it."

ETI also unveils the ETI Camcorder Rev 2, a video recording and management software that enables a camera phone to be turned into a User Friendly mobile camcorder. Camcorder2 continues the legend of the original ETI Camcorder -- the most user friendly, well-designed camcorder program. It also goes beyond the original program in every aspects -- speed, quality, ease of use, and more importantly, FUN!

The ETI Camcorder Rev 1 has already received more than 100,000 downloads to date. Camcorder Rev 2, that has richer features and allows files to be directly transferred and played on the computer, has also already received more than 2,000 downloads just within days of trial launch with Handago. The download fee for Camcorder Rev 2 is S$18.

Another exciting lifestyle service launched by ETI is a mobile photo blog whereby users can upload photos and post comments for sharing with other users. This mobile blog will be first made available on Hotspots (, the online and offline network of urban professional men and women. Mobile users can snap photos at their clubbing sessions with their mobile phones and post them with comments on Hotspots.

"With ETI's technology, our customers will be able to take photos with their mobile phone cameras and other clubbers will be able to view them either on our website or on their mobile phone," said Peter Leung, Founder and CEO of HotSpots. "We will also be showing live pictures from all our bars and clubs in Singapore. This is an awesome technology that adds to the excitement of the clubbing scene!"

ETI also announces the launch of NetCam, the first solution in the world that allows users to keep watch on happenings elsewhere on their mobile phones via a webcam, at a rate of at least 5 frames per second. This end-to-end solution is very useful for both consumers and businesses.

Completing the entire lifestyle experience is Fancy Photo Sticker, a service that allows mobile users to print personalised contents such as digital photos taken by the mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

ETI has already established agreements with service providers in the Southeast Asian region including ConnectOne ( ) in Thailand and Nanyang Online ( ) in Malaysia.

Kelvin Tan, Managing Director (Singapore) of ETI says, "Our innovative suite of services has already garnered excitement and usage all over the world. Today is an important date as we are officially unveiling these services in Singapore and we plan to use it as the centre for global marketing of our services."

Ng Fook Sun, Chief Executive Officer of Systems@Work says, "Just like how ETI puts convenience into the fingertips of consumers, TeleMoney also enables consumers to pay for the services conveniently and securely. We are very pleased to be part of ETI's revolutionary launch of Monet TV!"