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Cambridge SoundWorks Introduces SurroundWorks 200
Speakers/Headphones | Just Announced
Tue 26 Jul 2005

ANDOVER, Mass., July 25 -- Cambridge SoundWorks introduced the next evolutionary step in home theater technology, SurroundWorks 200. The beauty of SurroundWorks is that it simplifies surround sound by using only three easy-to-set-up pieces to create a great sounding home theater environment that delivers the audio impact previously only available from more complex, multi-speaker systems. SurroundWorks 200 includes a multi-channel center speaker and a compact, high performance subwoofer. These are matched to an elegant, DVD/CD/AM/FM control center that can also play DVD-Audio discs. The entire system is wired using just two connecting cables. Engineered to recreate surround sound with "invisible" speakers, SurroundWorks is the perfect solution for consumers looking to add surround sound to any room without the fuss. It is installation and user friendly -- easy to place, easy to connect and easy to use. SurroundWorks 200 retails for $999.99. Cambridge SoundWorks is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd.

"SurroundWorks is a perfect alternative for people who don't want to deal with the management of cables or the complexity of multi speaker surround sound systems, yet want to experience great sounding home theater audio," said Rob Mainiero, vice president and general manager of Cambridge SoundWorks. "When you listen to SurroundWorks, it's hard to believe how much a single speaker and subwoofer can create rich surround sound similar to a home theater system with five or more individual speakers."

Achieving single-point surround sound

SurroundWorks' innovative and space saving main speaker consists of a 3 driver array housed in a single elegant cabinet. Engineered using Binaura Audio Surround Processor (BASP) technology, this one, high-performance speaker creates the surround effect of multiple speakers. And thanks to the design technology of the main speaker, users will experience full surround performance throughout the entire listening space.

SurroundWorks' main speaker eliminates the need for mounting, wiring and finding space for multiple speakers. It can be wall mounted, placed on a TV or on a tabletop, and connects with a single cable to the powered bass module.

The system's compact powered subwoofer delivers tight, deep bass from a compact enclosure that is less than 1 cubic foot. The bass module contains a 225 watt multi-channel BASH amplifier and the patented BASP circuitry that makes SurroundWorks' spacious three-dimensional soundscape possible from such a simple system.

The SurroundWorks system is controlled by Cambridge SoundWorks' AVS600 DVD tuner/control center. This simple yet versatile unit combines the functionality of a progressive scan DVD player, CD player, preamp/control center and AM/FM stereo tuner into one easy to use unit. It decodes all popular surround formats (Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Pro-Logic II), and even plays high resolution DVD-Audio discs, as well as MP3 and JPEG playback. The Progressive Scan DVD player and built-in HD-compatible signal routing means the AVS600 offers the highest video quality. A simple single cable connection from the AVS600 to the powered bass module and one from the bass to the main speaker is all that's needed for multi-channel audio.

Pricing and Availability

SurroundWorks 200 retails for $999.99. It can be purchased directly at Cambridge SoundWorks' retail locations, on the Internet at or by calling 1-800-FOR-HIFI.