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A stylish keyboard by BenQ, x730
Input Devices | Just Announced
Wed 15 Dec 2004

SINGAPORE, 14 December,2004- Seeking for a keyboard and a mouse that show the premium blend of form and function with the dramatically designed streamline shape? BenQ x730, with its sleek profile and high-quality black frame, provides 3 adjustable angles for users to find the most comfortable position for themselves. The x730 combines both the ergonomic concept and linear design to better match today’s LCD monitors and PCs.

“The patented X-Structure Key technology combines the features of the comfortable tactile feeling of a notebook keyboard with the enhancement of reduction in typing noise,” said Mr. Lee Kim Huat, Managing Director of BenQ(S.E.Asia) Pte Ltd “Moreover, the X-Structure improves the key’s stability unlike the typical “plunger” structure of desktop keyboard. Imagine the sheer joy of speed-typing on the x730, it will provide you a level of style and performance like you have never experienced before. What are you waiting for? Get the x730 today. It’s time to show your appreciation for the finer things in life if only you have.”

X-Structure Key Technology

The patented X-Structure Key Technology allows BenQ to design a slimmer keyboard with a better "feel" of the keys. While traditional desktop keyboards use a "plunger" design that is at the center of each key to move just up and down with a "wobble," the X-Structure™ Key Technology uses the "scissors" design to support the each individual key entirely. Because it supports the entire key, the "wobble" doesn't exist.

As such the X-Structure amends the lack of typing feeling of the notebook keyboard, and makes the keycap is much more stable than traditional one.

Keyboard Adjustable

The patented sliding design allows users to adjust the typing angle according to user’s preference. By applying this technology, BenQ x730 allows users to minimize discomfort due to the pressure exerted from the wrist. Moreover, the keyboard can be removed from its frame. BenQ x730 is not just ‘a’ keyboard, but shows the individual’s unique characteristic!

Function Keys

With one touch access to Email, Instant Messenger, My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, it is now so much easier to launch your frequently used programs. Start and control your favorite media player with the Media Console and volume knob. A pressing brings you into the digital enjoyment.


The Q-Navigator (or 2 hotkeys) on the left hand side of keyboard serves users to choose back to the last menu or a website to browse to view much more easily! Users can also switch between vertical and horizontal scrolling functions more conveniently.

Optical Mouse

The 800dpi optical mouse is super smart to track your every movement precisely. It comes with 2 additional hotkeys to switch between applications and closing of document or file in the active program. The WideTrack scroll wheel provides better traction when scrolling through your documents. Drive the mini BMW – streamline-shaped mouse to enjoy the speed!

The BenQ x730 is currently available in Singapore in January 2005. The suggested retail price of the BenQ x730is S$179.