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Leadtek's Dual GPU WinFast Duo PX6600 GT Extreme
Graphic Cards | Just Announced
Mon 13 Jun 2005

Leadtek Research, announced the WinFast Duo PX6600 GT Extreme graphic cards – the totally new PCI-Express graphics cards based on NVIDIA’s dual GeForce 6600GT GPUs. Instead of using 2 separate NVIDIA SLI-certified graphic cards in a single system and linked them up with SLI connector, WinFast Duo PX6600 GT Extreme has the two GPUs linked up on one card that allows you to essentially double graphics performance. WinFast Duo PX6600 GT Extreme delivers powerful, elegant and super-rich graphics for game-playing and other graphics-intensive applications. With WinFast Duo PX6600 GT Extreme, PC gaming experience has never been better.

WinFast Duo PX6600 GT Extreme comes with 256MB DDR 3 memory and is rated with a core clock of 550Mhz and a memory clock of 560MHz. Featuring groundbreaking technology innovations such as support for Microsoft DirectX 9.0c Shader Model 3.0, and also features NVIDIA UltraShadow II technology to deliver 4X the shadow processing power of previous generation products and accelerate the performance of shadow intensive games like id Software's Doom III. In addition, WinFast Duo PX6600 GT Extreme also supports HDTV-output to allow you to connect your PC to a high definition TV for direct-to-TV playback.

To further enhance your supercharging gaming experience, Leadtek develop an advanced cooling system for the WinFast Duo PX6600 GT Extreme that result in the exquisite Ultra cooling efficiency. Comparing to competitor's all cooper base fan, WinFast Duo PX6600 GT Extreme uses innovative cooper base embedded with aluminum fin design to effectively take heat away from GPU while keeping the noise level under 30dB. 

Designing for your fabulous lifestyle, the one of a kind WinFast Duo PX6600 GT Extreme Pandora Tomorrowbundles two HOT games, Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, and the astonishing video editing expert: Muvee autoproducer. Make the Leadtek WinFast Duo PX6600 GT Extreme graphics card enriching your PC experience and enjoy the cinematic-quality effects and industry-leading performance that sensationally challenging graphic card standard.