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ABIT Unleashes the AW8-MAX
Mainboards | Just Announced
Fri 20 May 2005

May 19, 2005 – In their relentless pursuit of perfection, ABIT Engineers have created their ultimate MAX motherboard to date. Today ABIT is pleased to announce the AW8-MAX, the latest addition to its revolutionary MAX Series, and the first to feature Silent OTES cooling technology. Designed, built, and tested to the highest possible standards, this board is a must have product for users who simply demand the best. 

Based on the Intel 955X chipset, the AW8-MAX is engineered to deliver the ultimate computing experience. ABIT’s Silent OTES, AudioMAX 7.1 HD and µGuru 2005 technologies place this motherboard ahead of the pack. 

MAXimum Engineering

Built around the Intel 955X platform, the AW8-MAX supports Intel Pentium 4 and Pentium D LGA775 1066/800MHz FSB processors. Hyper-Threading, XD-bit, EM64T, EIST technology, Dual-channel DDR2-667/533 memory and High-Definition Audio are just some of the many features that combine to make the AW8-MAX ABIT’s flagship Intel motherboard.  

Silent OTES uses ABIT-designed heatpipe technology to transfer harmful heat away from the North Bridge to the Collection Module, where it’s removed from the case by the CPU fan. The result, a totally silent platform offering excellent cooling efficiency by utilizing existing hardware, ultimately providing enhanced performance, stability and a quieter experience for the end user. 

The cooling system is made from the finest materials to ensure excellent cooling performance. The North Bridge comes in contact with a high-grade aluminum heatsink with an all-copper base, which is fastened securely to ensure maximum contact for heat transfer. The pure red copper fins on the Collection Module are angled for optimum air flow, and utilize existing airflow from the CPU fan, delivering excellent cooling with minimal noise thanks to their large surface area.  

Dolby Certified 7.1 channel HD Audio with Dolby Master Studio support promises AW8-MAX users an unforgettable listening experience. The use of a daughter card results in a significant reduction in noise generated from the motherboard, a major improvement when compared to typical on-board audio solutions. An optical S/PDIF In/Out port provides crystal clear connection to their favorite digital devices.   

The AW8-MAX uses the 2005 version of ABIT’s exclusive µGuru technology, which integrates OC Guru overclocking, ABIT EQ hardware monitoring, FlashMenu 1-click BIOS updating, and BlackBox diagnostic technology into a user friendly Windows-based interface. With OC Guru, users can tune front side bus speeds and CPU voltages on-the-fly through Windows. ABIT EQ lets users monitor fan speeds, system voltages and temperatures at-a-glance, and FlashMenu 1-click BIOS update makes it easy to keep the system running in absolute peak condition. If a problem arises, BlackBox automatically detects your hardware configuration, allowing it to be sent to ABIT tech support for fast, friendly e-service. With µGuru, users have the most comprehensive suite of system utilities ever to power a desktop motherboard. 

Fully Featured for the Future 

There’s full support for the Intel Pentium 4 and Pentium D LGA775 processors. The four 240-pin DIMM sockets can hold an impressive 8GB of DDR2 memory. Six SATAII RAID ports and one IDE port makes future storage expansion an easy task. Built-in USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394b functionality means connectivity to all the latest high-speed peripherals and multimedia devices. On-board Dual PCI-E Gigabit LAN provides lighting fast connections. 

Built with Bulletproof Technology

Like all ABIT products, the AW8-MAX is built with Bulletproof Technology – a new standard in terms of Quality, Reliability, Stability, and Engineering. Bulletproof Technology begins with selecting the highest quality components available. ABIT uses only Japanese-made capacitors on ABIT branded motherboards and graphics cards – capacitors that cost several times more than regular capacitors. While others try to cut components, ABIT puts quality first. Bulletproof Technology also means stability, and the AW8-MAX has passed the Torture Test, a series of looping demos and benchmarks designed to tax the hardware far beyond normal use. Add to all of this, exclusive ABIT Engineered features, and the AW8-MAX raises the bar by which motherboards are judged. 






Intel 955X chipset

Intel Pentium 4/D LGA775 CPU support

8GB DDR2 667/533

Silent OTES

µGuru 2005

AudioMAX 7.1 HD Technology

6 x SATAII 3Gbps


Flagship Intel board



About ABIT

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