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40nm Yield Issues Continue to Plague TSMC
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Fri 04 Dec 2009

If you've been hunting for a new Radeon 5800 series card, you'll probably discover that they are sold out in most places. Demand of the new card is high of course, but much of the reason why it is sold out is also due to the fact that 40nm yields at TSMC have been far from great, which is affecting supply of ATI's new cards.
The Tech Report - Despite TSMC's assurances, 40-nm yields might not improve until well into next year. So says Fudzilla, which got word from anonymous sources that those yields are still stuck around the 50% mark, and that the resulting shortage of 40-nm graphics processors might not ease until the second quarter of 2010.
This is worrying news indeed. Interestingly, the article also goes on to reiterate ongoing rumors about NVIDIA's Fermi cards not being retail ready until March 2010. To find out more, click here.