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SPARKLE Unveils Calibre X265/X265HM Graphics Card
Graphic Cards | Just Announced
Mon 15 Jun 2009

Manila, Philippines -- SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd. recently unveiled the Calibre X265/X265HM graphics card providing unparalleled DX10 gaming performance for mainstream gamers with non-reference PCB design and excellent cooling system.


Model Number


Graphics Processing Unit

GeForce GTX 260

Core Clock (GRN/STD/OC)


Memory Clock (GRN/STD/OC)


Memory Type


Memory Interface


Stream Processors


Stream Processors Clock (GRN/STD/OC)


Bus Type

PCI-Express 2.0


400 MHz

Outputs Dual DVI-I


Yes via Adapter


World's First Graphics Card with Pillars Traversed Cooling Fins Technology
The Calibre X265/X265HM Graphics Cards features the 2nd generation of Calibre Dual Fly Cooling System by SPARKLE own design. It's the world's first Graphics Card with pillars traversed cooling fins technology which provides ultimate graphics cards cooling solution for users who seek higher graphics performance and lower working temperatures. The cooling system consists of
pure aluminum thermal base, 2 high-efficient heat pipes with 6mm diameter, 2 high-efficient heat pipes with 8mm diameter, the 9 aluminum pillars traversed heatsinks and dual low speed cooling fans. These 4 high-efficient heat pipes connect the surface of the GPU directly, providing the cooling transfer effect of  8 heat pipes. The technique of pillars traversed  can quickly bring the heat from aluminum pillars to the 8 layer cooling fins by direct contact. The perfect combination of the heat pipes and the pillars traversed cooling fins technology provides superior cooling efficiency and greatly enhances the cooling performance of GPU, video memory ,MOS circuit and NVIO on the PCB, let gamers to enjoy good overclocking margin and cooler GPU, guarantees stable system operation even under round-the-clock full load gaming.

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