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New Microsoft Ads Hits The Web
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Mon 06 Apr 2009

Microsoft's "Lauren" ad, in which a girl named Lauren (duh) was asked to buy a laptop under US$1000, has been quite a hit. Since its release, it has generated much talk, debate and buzz. The followup ad, which was recently released, features a young man, Giampaolo, who wants to buy a powerful yet portable laptop for under US$1500. Shortly after the ad was made available, the Internet was once again in mad debate. AppleInsider has an interesting writeup detailing how ridiculous this ad is.

AppleInsider - Continuing its advertising campaign which seeks to promote generic PCs running Windows as more attractive than Macs, Microsoft's latest spot plays up specifications over aesthetics as opposed to just suggesting that PCs are simply cheaper as the previous spot did. However, it ends up making the opposite point instead.

We are a bit puzzled by Giampaolo choice because a 16-inch laptop isn't exactly what we would consider "portable". Furthermore, this is the second ad in the series and Microsoft has yet to mention anything about Vista. More interestingly, in the first ad, Lauren picks a HP laptop in the end; in this, Giampaolo too ends up with a HP. Hmmm... food for thought perhaps?

To watch the ad and read AppleInsider's dissection of the ad in full, click here.