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MSI Launches P4N Diamond Mainboard
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Thu 07 Apr 2005

MSI, the leading computer motherboard manufacturer, continues to provide the cutting-edge technology on high-end motherboards for performance enthusiast and power gamer.

Nvidia nForce4 SLI Intel Edition chipset was known as C19 chipset during developing. MSI P4N Diamond can full support with Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition, Pentium 4 6xx and 5xx series and forthcoming generation Intel processor.

First Diamond edition motherboard- K8N Diamond has set up performance benchmarking for AMD platform. Now, MSI P4N Diamond will build its own milestone for competitors in market to follow.

P4N Diamond has conquered another pinnacle of memory performance. P4N Diamond has not only reached historical high of DDR2 933 but also 7.3Gb/sec bandwidth in SiSoft Sandra 2005.

Once again, MSI firstly implemented Digital SLI Switch for Intel platform, even manual configuration in BIOS is needless. In ordinary procedure of configuring SLI motherboard to activate dual SLI-ready graphics card, most onboard BIOS can support automatically detect and switch to SLI mode while there are two graphics cards installed. But users still have to uninstall a small PCB card and reverse its direction before install again.

Instead of refining the mounting mechanism of SLI switch card, MSI creates intelligent Digital SLI Switch to detect and automatically switch from normal mode to SLI mode. Reassign PCI Express lanes for two PCI Express x16 slots. Digital SLI Switch will real-time splits graphics signals into two graphics slots.

Nvidia nForce4 SLI Intel Edition has succeed tremendous capability and flexibility on memory overclocking. MSI expert engineers cooperate with engineers of memory module manufacturers like PQI, Corsair and etc. DDR2 memory module from PQI can ran solidly at 933 MHz on single channel and 910 MHz. At our most critical overclocking with FSB1200 plus Dual DDR2 840, P4N Diamond achieved 7.3Gb/sec bandwidth in SiSoft Sandra 2005.

MSI engineers also optimized BIOS of P4N Diamond for Corsair powerful memory with shortest latency 3-2-2-8 (1T). As important launch partners of Nvidia nForce4 SLI Intel Edition chipset. MSI received Corsair memory sample to continuously overclock up to the limit of skyline.

Third instance of P4N Diamond's full-loaded expertise is upgraded dynamic overclocking technology-D.O.T. Express. MSI engineers develop new version of CoreCell chip for rapid response time on dynamic overclocking. New CoreCell chip can monitor CPU loading via current variation each single micro second. Compare to second best technology from competitor, D.O.T. Express is five times faster with only 1µs response time.

The MSI P4N Diamond motherboard not only supports Nvidia's outstanding SLI technology for extreme 3D performance, but is also the leading one to integrate the most advanced controllers for outstanding connectivity, storage and high-definition audio.

While most motherboard manufacturers have selected SATA1 controller based on PCI bus to accompany the integrated SATA2 RAID, MSI P4N Diamond has chosen SiliconImage SATA2 RAID controller for its advanced PCI Express architecture. PCI Express' point-to-point architecture ensures RAID performance will not be diminished by shared bandwidth of PCI bus. The SATA2 interface supports data transfer rates up to 3GB/sec which is twice the speed of SATA1. On the other hand, SATA2 connectors in navy blue also indicate its capacity of signal output amplitude control for external SATA devices.

MSI bundled Dual SATA Bracket with P4N Diamond. Dual SATA Bracket features two SATA connectors on bracket, including standard internal SATA connector and external SATA one. SATA 3Gb/s or SATA (1.5Gb/s) can simply outperform 1394b, far beyond USB2.0 or 1394a interface.

The NVRAID 2.0 utility for nForce SATA2 RAID can also obtain unbeatable storage performance with SATA2 hard drives in the blink of an eye. Its scalability can configure the disk array across SATA and IDE hard drives to single RAID as well.

P4N Diamond exclusively equips Creative 7.1 Channel High-Definition Audio with Dolby Digital EX certification. It provides cinematic audio experience with unmatched sound quality and realistic gaming sound effects. The Sound Blaster Live! 24Bit onboard audio features EAX ad vancedHD which is the latest gaming effect standard supported by the newest and hottest games ever! Check out Unreal Tournament 2004 and Call of Duty.

Users can visit Creative EAX website to check for most exciting and advanced game featuring EAX advanced HD technology.

The wireless connectivity of P4N Diamond can support both 802.11b/g Wireless LAN and Bluetooth. Just imagine you are in a 'hot spot' friendly environment, and you can access your Centrino notebook, Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, PDA and mobile phone - all at the same time. Simply connect via the Dual-Net card on your P4N Diamond.

Installed with MSI Dual-Net card, user can save from the cost of physical access point and IP sharing device. Your PC system can be upgraded to a home server or digital entertainment media for the family. The Communication Slot is an optimized and extended version of the basic PCI specification to provide the ultimate interface for PCI network cards. MSI develops proprietary Dual-Net card exclusively for communication slot(s) which combines 802.11g wireless networking with Bluetooth technology. This add-on card with antenna offers convenient connection to most wireless devices.

P4N Diamond provides dual gigabit Ethernet onboard for great connectivity. One of them is PCI Express LAN which supports tremendous 2.5Gb/s bandwidth, and the other one is Nvidia Active Armor technology, a hardware network firewall engine to protect intrusion from the internet. Compared to other software protection, the Active Armor reduces the CPU utilization by handling most of the steps in the inspection of network packets.

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