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Sony Ericsson MBW-150 Bluetooth Watch
Input Devices | First Looks
Mon 25 Feb 2008

Remember the Good Times

Remember all the spy movies and sci-fi shows where technology preceded its time? All the cool inventions like laser pens and phone watches? Although we might still not be as advanced, we're getting really close. Wireless technology and GPS have made a lot of gadgets a reality, and surely, Sony Ericsson's MBW-150 series of Bluetooth-enabled wristwatches are just another step in that direction.

Dreamy Design

Designed in collaboration with fashionable heavyweight Fossil, these Bluetooth watches definitely have it made in terms of style and looks. Coming in three different designs to suit the unique mood of individuals, namely Music, Executive and Classic editions, consumers can choose one that best represents their personality or purchase all three to match your mood anywhere, anytime.

Nifty Details

With the new MBW-150 range from Sony Ericsson, similar to the previous MBW-100 range, when a call or text message comes in, the watch vibrates so that consumers can choose to either reject or mute the call. In our tests, we paired the watch with a Sony Ericsson W910i, a process which took under a minute to fulfill. After which, we were able to control music tracks, courtesy of the play, forward and back track keys located on the left side of the watch. An OLED display on the watch also serves as a Caller ID and song track information display. As for battery life, the watch lasted for two straight days of continuous pairing before the internal battery went flat.

Our Thoughts

The best feature of the MBW-150 is its dual functionality of being a watch that is sophisticated enough for the executive or fashion socialite, and at the same time, a Bluetooth gadget that offers wireless technology to the masses. With a high price tag that starts from S$398 (~US$283), the MBW-150 range is probably a gadget only the well-heeled will appreciate. However, with wireless convenience as an excuse, and as a piece to show off around the tech crowds, there's always a valid reason to get one.


Product Specifications

  • Weight: Between 77 to 182 grams dependent on model
  • Bluetooth 2.0 technology
  • Auto-pairing
  • Range: Up to 10 meters
  • Music Browsing
  • Display: OLED