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Canon Unveils New Digital Cameras For Snap Happy Pinoys
Digital Cameras/Camcorders | Just Announced
Mon 01 Mar 2010

Manila, Philippines -- The Filipino photographer, like all artists, is passionate and dedicated. Her art is an essential part of her individuality and wholeness. The Filipino photographer is not bound by time or age, language, socio-economic status, gender, or even gender preference. Her vision is as wide as her view of her world and her role in it.

Like all creative media, the camera brings out both an artist’s objectivity and subjectivity: objective because it captures realities as they happen and subjective because it captures just bits and pieces of those realities. The camera frame is the photographer’s personal perspective of the world around her; and she is brave enough to capture this perspective and make her view concrete and tangible.

The camera is a tool for recreating reality in vivid, colorful, and creative ways. As summertime comes alive with this vibrancy and boundless expression, capture them through Canon’s newest cameras on parade, the IXUS 210/105/130, PowerShot A495/A490/A3100 IS/A3000 IS/SX210 IS/, and the EOS 550D. Now made even more intelligent, compact, and fully loaded with more scene modes and effects, the Canon camera is the Filipino photographer’s invaluable companion.

Canon Digital IXUS 105 IS - PhP 18,950

Digital IXUS 105/130/210 And PowerShot SX210 IS

Canon’s compact digital cameras are synonymous with premium build quality, powerful performance, and chic styling. This season’s new products, IXUS 105/130/210 and PowerShot SX210 IS, are set to raise the bar with new and enhanced features to improve picture quality and creative expression.

All models are equipped with DIGIC 4 image processor, which offers faster image processing and improved noise reduction at high ISO sensitivities, and lens-shift type image stabilization for sharp image quality. With the exception of the IXUS 105, all new models can record 14.1-megapixel stills and HD movies (1280 x 720 at 30 fps) and feature Servo AF/AE that tracks a moving subject while maintaining optimum focus and exposure.

New scene and shooting modes have also been added to improve functionality and image quality. Likewise, all models in the new range support the SDXC memory card, which facilitates fast data transfer and increased capacity of up to 2TB.

For users who prize value and performance, the IXUS 105 offers these in a premium build and in five attractive colors. The IXUS 105 features the DIGIC 4 processor with increased 12.1-megapixel image resolution, and a 4x optical zoom (35mm equivalent of 28-112mm) with wide angle. Its LCD screen has been enlarged to 2.7 inches. The IXUS 105 also features the new Low Light scene mode.

Canon Digital IXUS 130 IS - PhP 24,950

Available in four attractive colors that extend to the lens extension, the IXUS 130 is the lightest and slimmest of the IXUS range to date. It measures only 17.8mm in width and significantly lightweight at 133g with batteries. Yet within its svelte curved case is a 4x zoom lens with 35mm equivalent focal range of 28-112mm.

Likewise, the Smart Auto mode has been enhanced with the models now able to detect and analyze subject and scene information to automatically select the most suitable shooting mode for the best results.

New scene modes include Fish-eye Effect, which distorts the central area of an image to simulate the effect of a fish-eye lens, and the Miniature Effect, which gradually blurs the peripheral area of an image, causing large subjects to appear in miniature dollhouse-like proportions.

Low Light mode was also incorporated, where the ISO speed can be raised to 6400 to manage difficult shooting conditions.

Another new feature is the Smart Shutter. Besides having control of the shutter press and timer, the shutter can now be set to be triggered with the detection of a face, a smile, or even via a wink!

Canon Digital IXUS 210 IS - PhP 27,950

The sleek IXUS 210 becomes even more stunning for its 3.5-inch LCD screen, the largest among the new models, and covering the camera’s entire back. The touch-sensitive widescreen (16:9) offers intuitive camera operation without the need for many buttons. It includes Touch AF, where users can select objects and faces by simply touching them on the LCD. The IXUS 210 then automatically tracks these selected elements and maintains optimum focus and exposure.

The IXUS 210 also offers higher image resolution, with a 14.1-megapixel CCD sensor coupled with a 5x zoom lens with 35mm equivalent focal range from a 24mm ultra-wide to a 120mm telephoto.

The IXUS 210 also features the new Fish-eye Effect, Miniature Effect, Low Light scene mode, and Smart Shutter.

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS - US$ 349.99

The PowerShot SX210 IS is a benchmark of formidable performance in a compact, stylish camera. The PowerShot SX210 IS features a 14.1-megapixel CCD sensor and a 14x optical zoom lens, which offers an exceptionally broad focal range between 28-392mm (35mm equivalent).

Unique to the PowerShot SX210 IS is its ability to record HD movies with stereo audio compatibility. The Smart Auto feature, which automatically detects 18 different scenes, is also available during movie recording.

The PowerShot SX210 IS also features a 3-inch 16:9 widescreen LCD. Fish-eye Effect, Miniature Effect, and Low Light scene modes are also in this model, along with the Smart Shutter feature.

Canon PowerShot A490 -
PhP 8,950; Canon PowerShot A495 - PhP 9,950

PowerShot A495/A490/A3100 IS/A3000 IS

For point-and-shoot convenience, Canon’s latest additions to its PowerShot Triggerhappy A-Series digital compact cameras are hard to beat. Now exceptionally handy and affordably priced, they are packed with advanced technologies and features that make taking of great pictures simple and easy.

Powered by Canon’s DIGIC III image processor technology, these new digital compact cameras offer superior image quality, faster operation, extended battery life, and higher resolution LCD screens. Most notably, DIGIC III also offers Face Detection AF/AE/AWB, which ensures optimal focus and exposure in portraits and groups shots.

Canon’s strong heritage of optical quality is evident in its superior Linear Lens System, which makes for smaller cameras without compromising image quality. The straight collapsible mount lens arrangement delivers clear and sharp images with minimal distortion.

The new PowerShot A-series cameras feature the Smart Auto function to get the best image results. With Smart Auto, the camera compares the subject and scene information (distance, brightness, and color) to an internal database to intelligently select the most suitable scene mode for the shot. With the exception of PowerShot A490 that can detect 13 scenes, the other three models can detect up to 18 scenes automatically.

Canon PowerShot A3000 IS - PhP 12,950; Canon PowerShot A3100 IS - PhP 13,950

New scene modes Super Vivid and Poster Effect are also available in PowerShot A495, A3100, and A3000. In Super Vivid mode, color saturation in the image is raised to produce more vibrant images. Poster Effect, on the other hand, reduces the level of gradation in an image to lend the feel of an illustration, like that seen in classic posters.

All cameras in this range also feature the Low Light mode, where sensitivity is boosted to ISO 3200 to handle poor lighting conditions.

Camera flash is essential not only in supplementing insufficient lighting but also in correcting uneven lighting, such as backlights or partial shadows. However, using flash can be tricky and problematic, sometimes overexposing subjects that are too near the camera, casting shadows on a subject’s face, or underexposing subjects and scenery in the background.

Smart Flash Exposure in the latest PowerShot A-series is designed to rectify these faults. With Smart Flash Exposure, the camera’s scene detection function determines the distance and reflectance of the subject and analyzes shooting conditions. The feature can then modify settings such as flash output and flash synchro and ISO speeds to produce natural looking pictures.

With the exception of PowerShot A490, all models offer Face Self-Timer, which allows the photographer to join the scene before the camera starts its shutter countdown. All four models are supported by SDXC memory cards, resulting in rapid data transfer rates and an increased storage capacity of up to 2TB.

The Easy Mode feature in PowerShot A3100 and A3000 rewards first-time users of digital cameras with effortless breath-taking pictures with just a push of the shutter button. The camera simply takes care of the rest.

The new PowerShot A-series consists of the PowerShot A490, A495, A3000 IS, and A3100 IS. PowerShot A495 and A490 have 10-megapixel sensors with 3.3x zoom lens (35mm equivalent of 37mm to 122mm). Both are powered by readily available AA-sized batteries, which are good for approximately 150 shots. In addition to a greater number of detectable scene modes and Face Self-Timer function, the PowerShot A495 also features a 9-point AF compared to A490’s five-point system.

The 10-Megapixel PowerShot A3000 IS and 12.1-Megapixel PowerShot A3100 IS offer greater functionality and focal range (4x zoom, 35mm equivalent of 35-140mm), larger 2.7-inch LCD screens (as opposed to 2.5-inch) with five levels of brightness adjustments, and lens-shift type Image Stabilization. These two models are the first-ever PowerShot A-Series cameras to be powered by slim lithium-ion batteries, which made it possible for these models to assume slimmer and lighter bodies.

Canon EOS 550D - US$ 899.99 (Kit)

Canon EOS 550D

With improved performance and the latest features, Canon’s new EOS 550D DSLR offers photography enthusiasts a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly platform for shooting stunning stills and high definition (HD) movies.

At the heart of the EOS 550D is a new APS-C size DIGIC 4 imaging processor that features a photodiode construction and gapless microlens array that provides for a wide dynamic range and low noise. The DIGIC 4 sensor also allows the EOS 550D to capture stunning images up to 18 megapixels.

Compared to the EOS 500D’s 35 metering sensor zones, the EOS 550D is equipped with a 63-zone dual-layer metering sensor found in the EOS 7D. Color and AF (autofocus) information are also used to compute optimal exposure settings with greater accuracy in all types of lighting. This can be fine-tuned by the user to ±5 stops’ exposure compensation.

The EOS 550D records in Full HD (1920 x 1080) at 24p, 25p, and 30p frames per second. It also captures movies at HD Ready (1280 x 720) and SD (640 x 480) formats. High frame rates of 50p and 60p can also be achieved. The new Movie Crop mode allows about 7x more zoom magnification to speed up the shooting of close-ups when shooting from a distance.

Besides customizing resolution and frame rate, the EOS 550D also allows manual control of exposure in movie mode. In addition, users can also connect accessories such as an external stereo microphone to capture videos with audio in stereo.

For exceptional real-world performance, the EOS 550D is equipped with Canon’s DIGIC 4 processor, offering high-speed image processing (1.3x faster) with noise suppression capabilities. As a result, the EOS 550D boasts a higher ISO operating range of up to ISO 6400, and expandable to ISO 12800. On top of these additional demands on its sensor, the EOS 550D is capable of shooting up to 3.7 frames per second stills.

When shooting in Live View, the face detection AF mode automatically recognizes human faces and focuses on them. Live View shooting is now possible even in the Basic Zone modes.

Auto Lighting Optimizer secures the optimum brightness and contrast settings. In the EOS 550D, this feature is enhanced and made available even in manual exposure and bulb mode.

With Lens Peripheral Illumination correction, up to 40 lenses can be registered in the camera to automatically correct for vignetting, producing images that are more evenly illuminated from center to the periphery.

The EOS 550D’s wide 3-inch monitor features an amazing 1.04 million dot resolution that lets users see even the smallest detail clearly. It now has the same 3:2 aspect ratio as the image which allows it to be displayed over the entire screen. It is also double-coated to reduce glare and treated to resist smudging.

Other convenient new features include a HDMI terminal, compatible with the HDMI-CEC (High-Definition Multimedia Interface - Consumer Electronics Control) standards which allow the EOS 550D to be connected to an HDTV via a single cable and be operated from the TV’s remote control.

To extend functionality and versatility, Canon also introduces two new accessories to complement the EOS 550D. The BG-E8 is a battery grip especially designed for the EOS 550D. It can accommodate up to two LP-E8 battery packs or six AA-sized batteries.

The LC-6 remote controller features a switch that allows users to choose between immediate or two-second release for bulb shooting, pressing once opens the shutter and pressing again shuts it: there is no need to keep the transmitter pressed for the duration of the exposure.

The LC-6 has an operating range of about five meters, and is capable of around 6,000 transmissions on a single CR2032 lithium cell battery.

The new EOS 550D DSLR will be available in stores in late February 2010.

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