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Kodak EasyShare C360 5.0-megapixel Digital Camera
Digital Cameras/Camcorders | First Looks
Fri 29 Jul 2005

Pixels For Everyday Use


"... the C360 is in all aspects a nice, uncomplicated point and shoot digital camera for everyday use ..."


Leading the Kodak EasyShare Point and Shoot digital camera lineup is the spanking new 5.0-megapixel C360, one of a handful of lightweight and easy to use digital cameras that's readily available for less than USD$350. This 240g plastic body camera is small enough to slide comfortably into a jeans pocket with relative ease, but not quite slim enough for your shirt pocket though. The overall construct of the C360 feels great and its chrome trimmings and metal inserts blend well with its metallic silver paintjob. For those of you familiar with camera models from other brands, you might be quick to note the uncanny resemblance to the slightly 'rounder' Nikon COOLPIX 5900, but that's only as far as appearance is concerned.

Through the use of a new high-resolution image sensor, the C360 is capable of churning out sharp and detailed photo printouts, and should exceed the imaging needs of most point and shoot digital camera users. When powered on, its 3x optical zoom lens will gracefully and silently extend out of its body and from there, the Kodak Retinar Aspheric All Glass lens and Kodak Color Science chip will function in unison for picture snapping. Like most digital cameras these days, the functions of the C360 are all tied down to a simple and easy to understand mode dial. However, the implementation on the Kodak camera is unusually stiff and it makes one-thumb rotation not only difficult but also annoying as the frequency of use increases.

Blending in perfectly with its metallic silver paintjob are some metal inserts and chrome trimmings, and through these additions, the small C360, though small, feels very well knocked together. Still, even with all these aesthetic jobs made to its design, there is still a dash of uncanny resemblance to the slightly rounder Nikon COOLPIX 5900.

Located at the back is a cluster of buttons for advance camera settings and traversing the menu. Of course they aren't much alone if you don't interpret your settings with the large and brilliant 2.0-inch LCD, which is further accompanied by an optical viewfinder and zoom controls. The menu is kept basic and presented in a downright simple graphical user interface via big fonts for easy reading. Given that the C360 is a fully automatic point and shoot camera, variables such as shutter speed and aperture size are both determined by the camera and hence there are no manual controls for these. What you can do is choose from a preset of 17 scenes to match the environment you're in at any given situation and the onboard processor will decide the appropriate shutter speed and aperture size to use. There are however some advance controls left to the good hands of users and these include exposure bracketing, exposure compensation, ISO levels, white balance, focus zone and exposure metering. A long exposure setting is also included and this allows the C360 to take clear nights shots with a maximum exposure time of up to eight seconds. With these, users would at least have some control over the final outcome of their shots.

Since the C360 is all about easy snapping and easy sharing, sharing the pictures stored in either its 32MB onboard memory or SD card is just a simple process of docking the camera into the optional Kodak EasyShare dock and pushing the "Share" button located on the camera. There's even a detailed user guide to help you get started on an already easy to use digital camera. With regards to our experience with the C360, we feel that apart from a slow startup time, a rigid mode dial and its slight tendency towards overexposure, the C360 is in all aspects a nice, uncomplicated point and shoot digital camera for everyday use. Considering all its aspects and that it is among the most affordable 5.0-megapixel digital camera in its class, the Kodak EasyShare C360 presents itself as an excellent value for money imaging device (if you don't mind the few quirks).

  • 3x Optical Zoom
  • Optical Viewfinder
  • 2.0-inch LCD (480 x 240 pixels)
  • 5.0-megapixel Image Resolution (2569 x 1929 pixels)
  • JPEG / EXIF v2.21 File Formats
  • Still Capture Modes: Auto, Scene, Portrait, Sport, Landscape, Close-up
  • Scene Modes: Backlight, Beach, Children, Fireworks, Flower, Museum, Night Portrait, Night Landscape, Snow, Text/Document, Self-Portrait and Party.
  • Video Mode: Continuous MPEG-4 Compressed Video with Audio Recording
  • Video Resolution: VGA (640 x 480 pixels) at 24FPS, QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) at 24FPS
  • Video Format: QuickTime MOV
  • Supports ImageLink Print
  • PictBridge Compatible
  • Weight: 240g (without battery)
  • Dimension: 84.7 x 64.7 x 34.9 mm (W x H x D)