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Bluegears Cooling Fans
Cooling Devices | First Looks
Sun 27 Aug 2006

Modding Made New


The b-COOL fan reports temperature accurately using projected LED light.

Power for the LED and temperature probe is generated by a dynamo.

Four straegically placed LEDs point inwards at the chrome fan-blades.

After years of watching radical cooling devices come and go, it is only a matter of time before consumers grow skeptical and become more wary of new cooling devices that continue to boast better cooling property, especially in the area of case-modding. However Bluegears, a company entirely dedicated to PC accessories and gadgets has persevered and might just have what it takes to resuscitate a stagnant industry stacked with stale ideas.

Bluegears b-COOL

Measuring 80x80x25mm, the transparent blue b-COOL fan is coupled with an exciting propeller-shaped PCB beneath its fan-guard, making it look the part even before it's powered up. When plugged in, the whisper quiet b-COOL immediately lit up in a splendid fashion with its 'Freezing White' LED lights hitting the spinning blades like a blanket of snow. What's sure to grab your attention is a series of blue LEDs that sign the background with the prevailing system temperature (such as 22°C in our case) along with the word 'COOL' that corresponds in a literal sense. Without a doubt, this eye-catching visual display is sure to take a hardcore case-modder's breath away.

To make sure that the b-COOL fan works as intended, we took out the perfect benchmark to be used in such situations - a hairdryer. Funneling heated air directly at the fan promptly generated a chorus of 'oohs' and 'ahhs' as the LED wordings changed from 'COOL' to 'WARM' at 35°C and subsequently 'HOT' at 40°C. Obviously, to have a cooling device that not only looks wicked but also works in a cool way to provide critical information is always a boon for any practical overclockers.

With our curiosity fired up by the innovative and somewhat elaborate LED reading, we proceeded to lift the fan-guard off for a closer look and were instantly greeted by a peculiar 'motor-like' device on the PCB.

Initially passing off the 'motor-like' device as a stabilizer of sort for the fan, we discovered that it was actually a dynamo that powers the LEDs and temperature probe from the motion of the main fan. Needless to say, we were duly impressed by the ingenious engineering effort put in by Bluegear for a mere cooling fan.

Bluegears b-ice

While cooling fans with LEDs have been around for a while now, few if not any has managed to inject fresh ideas into these modest devices in the same manner as Bluegear. Designed to dazzle, the b-ice follows the basic PC fan design but stands out with four chrome blades and four strategically positioned LEDs pocketed at each corner for maximum bling.

When tested, the sleeved bearing B-ice fan glimmered brilliantly as designed, with bright blue LED lights bouncing off the chromed surface in a 120 by 120mm dazzling spectacle. We also noted just how impressively quiet the B-ice was in pushing air at a rate of 63.05CFM. Without a doubt, the b-ice has what it takes to make the cut as a visual accessory for case-modders and it does so without compromising cooling performance at all.

Our thoughts

On top of hitting the sweet spot for modders who require cooling devices that function quietly with good performance and engaging aesthetics, we're glad to report that Bluegears does offer something different for case-modders and the likes. Ultimately, as a company that prides itself as an innovative PC accessory company, Bluegears does not disappoint with products like the b-COOL and b-ice cooling fans. The Bluegears b-COOL and b-ice fans are available for approximately US$16 and US$20 respectively.


Product Specifications

  • b-COOL
    Airflow: 23CFM
    Dimensions: 80x80x25 mm
    Input Current: 0.3A
    Input Power: 3.6W
    Speed: 2,300RPM
    Noise: 25dBA
    Features: Sleeve Bearing, Temperature Monitoring Display, Fan Grill

  • b-ice
    Airflow: 63.05CFM
    Dimensions: 120x120x25 mm
    Input Current: 0.3A
    Input Power: 3.6W
    Speed: 1,800RPM
    Noise: 24.6 dBA
    Features: Sleeve Bearing, 4 x Blue LEDS, 'Chromed' surface