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Ikonik Vulcan 1200W PSU
Power Supply Units | First Looks
Tue 16 Dec 2008

Fire in your Hands

Over the years, we have encountered our fair share of strange and inappropriate product names. There are however instances when the names make sense, even if they require some mythological knowledge. Ikonik's series of power supply units (PSU), dubbed Vulcan, fits the latter since Vulcan was the ancient Roman god of fire and is hence suitable for this modern form of harnessing energy. 

A Fiery Contender

Glowing with its blue 'fire', the Vulcan is certainly eye-catching and Ikonik includes a LED switch to turn the light show off if it's too distracting. Rated at a whopping 1200W, the review sample that we received is the top model from Ikonik, the Vulcan 1200W. The company also has three other models, ranging from 650W to 1000W.

As you can expect from an aspiring premium PSU, this Ikonik PSU comes with 80 PLUS certification to show that at typical operating environments and workloads, it has at least 80% power efficiency. In fact, our unit came with a 82 PLUS pending label which shows that Ikonik has its eye set on higher targets.

Another feature that is standard fare for a high-end PSU is the presence of modular, sleeved cables and that's another tick in the checklist for this PSU. The Vulcan also justifies its enthusiast billing by supporting CrossFireX and 3-way SLI with six PCIe 2.0 connectors and its four 12V+ rails. These connectors are of the 6/8-pin variety so they will work out of the box with those graphics cards that require 8-pin connectors.

You'll Be Mad

Ikonik has another variant of the Vulcan that comes with its proprietary real-time monitoring and tweaking software known as Mad Tweaker. These PSUs will then come with a 'MT' suffix to denote its support. We first saw this at Computex 2008 at Ikonik's booth and it's certainly another feature that will appeal to the enthusiasts, especially since the monitoring utility works through either a USB connection on the motherboard and interestingly, a wireless dongle. 

Final Thoughts

With its solid build quality and use of more expensive Japanese capacitors, not to mention its high wattage, you can expect to pay quite a substantial amount for this PSU (S$429). While the ordinary consumer will not require such a powerful PSU, the enthusiasts who have high-end PCs now have another brand jousting for their attention. The Vulcan 1200W looks like a polished niche product though we bet that the MT version (if it works as advertised) would gather more interest from the enthusiasts.

Product Specifications

  • Supports ATX 12V V2.3, EPS 12V V2.91
  • Input Voltage: 100 - 240V
  • Active PFC (80 PLUS certified)
  • 140mm smart fan (ball bearing)
  • Four +12V rails
  • 3-way SLI and CrossFireX support (6 PCIe 2.0 connectors)
  • MTBF: >120,000 hours
  • Modular cable management system
  • Over-current, over-power, over-voltage, under-voltage and short-circuit protection
  • 200 x 150 x 86mm