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Eubiq Power Track System
Peripherals | First Looks
Mon 17 Dec 2007

Powerfully Simple


The adapters can be placed closed together, or far apart.

The rubber flaps in the middle, hiding the GSS from view.

Gold-plated nodes that connect to the main
electrical lines inside the track when twisted.

Honestly speaking, a power socket is neither sexy, nor stylish and sticks out like a sore thumb in any home interior design masterpiece unless well hidden. That is, until Eubiq came along and brought the common power socket’s sexy back. Eubiq's revolutionary redesign of the common household power socket has won awards worldwide and while it’s still a power socket, we live in the hope that one day their Power Track system may make those garish stormtrooper-white power sockets and extension cords a thing of the past.

Fitting in

The Power Track system consists of a long metal casing with two rubber flaps in the middle that allow for the adapter (sockets) to be plugged in. The casing can be wall mounted or placed in an area, like a table or a cubicle wall for example, with built in recesses. If said recesses are not available though, well, there's still always the option of wall-mounting the Power Track system though that somewhat defeats the point of having it unobtrusive.

Plug and Play Baby!

At any one time, up to ten adapters may be inserted anywhere along the casing and turned on. Safety wise, Eubiq has stated that in the future there will be optional circuit breakers that can be installed in the incoming power supply. Currently, the Power Track is solely dependent on the main circuit breakers in your home, meaning even if you overload the system, the Power Track does nothing.

Let's Do the Twist

Turning on an adapter is quite easy, simply plug it in and twist it to the right. There are no problems with plugging in the socket wrongly as the sockets are designed such that they will pop back out if inserted wrongly.

Properly inserted and twisted, the socket will then connect to the two live electrical lines running inside the casing. Due to the twist, the socket will then be locked in and cannot be removed (extreme force aside). The twisting also releases the connecters to tap into the electrical lines. Sockets that are turned off do not pop out normally and must be pulled out.

Safety First

The Power Track system is pretty much child-proof and idiot-proof; there are no fears of getting an electric shock from sticking fingers inside as the actual live contact points are hidden away and are inaccessible by fingers.

Eubiq has also made an additional safety measure by placing their patented Ground Safety Shutter (GSS) system that immediately grounds potential conducting material that is inserted. The shutter system can be seen by just slightly prying away the rubber flaps. This reviewer has also personally tested the system by inserting a finger into the unit and has emerged unscathed.

Our Thoughts

While the Eubiq Power Track system is definitely innovative, it is still essentially an expensive albeit well designed extension cord/power socket. Priced at a staggering S$240 for the retail pack (comes with one meter track and three adapters) and S$30 per adapter, the Power Track system is designed for users looking for alternatives to messy and unsightly extension cords and power sockets. Users willing to fork out its price will find a power system that will complement a modern and clean look for their homes.

Product Specifications

  • Able to handle 10 sockets or up to 13A 250V-
  • Aluminum casing with Polycarbonate for insulation.
  • Multiple socket compatibility for different power points.
  • Patented Ground Shutter System (GSS) for electrical shock prevention.
  • Dimensions (based on 1m length): 104mm x 27mm x 1000mm
  • Weight (based on 1m length): 2.5kg