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Razer Pro|Type Keyboard (iPod compatible)
Input Devices | First Looks
Tue 15 May 2007

A Razer That Liberates



One keyboard that’s almost certain to cause lots of head-turning and mouth-gaping is the award-winning Razer Pro|Type, a worthy successor to the throne of the highly-acclaimed Razer Tarantula. Decked out in a pristine shade of white, the Pro|Type is not only easy on the eyes but also a match made in heaven with every white gadget that you might have – most notably Apple products such as a white iMac and iPod, for obvious reason. With a subtle blue glow illuminating the Razer logo at the wristpad area, the Razer Pro|Type represents a whole new level of alluring charm and undeniable coolness, especially if white is your color of choice.

Play That Funky Music

The proposition offered by the Razer Pro|Type is that of a perfect internet-surfing companion for music addicts and Apple fanatics who are often behind a computer screen. Through a purposefully integrated iPod dock located north of the row of “Function” keys, the Pro|Type keyboard leads a second life of assisting you take charge of your music, be it from your computer or a docked iPod. The iPod dock is also great for reducing unsightly cable clutter and it conveniently charges your iPod at the same. Adding to the user-friendliness of the Pro|Type, the column of media buttons on the right of the keyboard is perfect for one-touch access to preset music application. Through the buttons, users may easily change songs, shuffle playlists or control volume on the fly, mechanically. iPod users will be happy to learn that each retail package of the Pro|Type comes with dock attachments to cater to the iPod nano, iPod mini, and the fifth and third generation models. There is even a special port adapter for U2 Special Edition iPod.

Not just a multimedia keyboard, its lethal combination of functionality and customisability lends greater efficiency to users who love to multi-task and switch quickly between different applications. In particular, the Pro|Type’s customisation options allow users to assign a maximum of 10 profiles to the keyboard with the 10 programmable keys handily located along the flanks of the keyboard.

For instance, if Profile 1 is assigned to the Microsoft Word application, the L1 key can be programmed to be used as a shortcut for “Create New Document”. When assigned to a different profile, the same L1 key can be programmed as a shortcut for another action. Also, there are hotkeys on the left of the keyboard for quick magnification of images in applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, for example. In short, the Pro|Type is ideally suited for both power users and music lovers.

The Key to Success

The tactile QWERTY keys of the Pro|Type are perfect for fast typists, as the keys are easy on the fingers. The wrist rest is also comfortable and the keys are adequately spaced out – although the surface area of each key is a tad small for a desktop keyboard.

Also, as the Pro|Type is designed for both Macs and PCs, the commonplace “Window” button has been with a “Start” key. We also noted that “Delete” button is also comparatively bigger than that of most keyboards – not that it has any adverse effect on the usability of the Razer Pro|Type.

Closing Thoughts

Somewhat disappointingly however, the Pro|Type does not deliver as wide an array of customisation options as the Razer Tarantula, for which the latter is well-known for allowing users to physically remove individual keys and repositioning them on the keyboard. Priced at US$129.99 (~S$194), the price of the Pro|Type is admittedly steep, especially when compared to the Tarantula (US$99.99), which provides more functions for less cash.

Nevertheless, the Razer Pro|Type is quite a different keyboard altogether and certainly a great keyboard to own. It boasts amazing customisation options that are practical for users who tend to use different applications simultaneously and the iPod dock was always a welcomed addition any iPod user.

Product Specifications

    • Connectivity: USB 1.1/2.0
    • System Support: Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows x64, Macintosh OS X 10.3.9 +
    • Ports: Audio line-out, 2 USB, 1 iPod dock
    • Integrated iPod dock
    • 10 programmable keys
    • Included accessories: CD; installation guide; dock connectors for 4th-generation iPods