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Jabra BT135 Bluetooth Headset
Peripherals | First Looks
Tue 03 Apr 2007

No Tangling Wires Here


One button to power up, answer/end calls, and more.

A USB port for charging via an AC Adaptor, USB port or car charger.

Dedicated buttons for fast and instant volume control.

To tackle the increasingly uninspiring design of the unassuming Bluetooth headsets, Jabra decided it was time to come up with a headset with a throwback design. In the new BT135, the styling is clearly quite a departure from existing Jabra products, making it properly refreshing. This then, is a wireless headset with something a little out of the ordinary for those who are bored stiff with the norm.


The BT135 is an over-the-ear headset with a hook to keep the entire piece in place. The hook is molded using soft, flexible rubber to allow for a perfect fit every time for use for hours on end. It works on both ears. A total of three buttons and one blue LED can be found on the BT135. The two side buttons are allocated for volume control while the button up front serves as the power, answer/end call, mute, and voice dial.

A charging socket can also be found at the back side of the unit, allowing users to charge the BT135 using the bundled the AC adaptor, a PC USB cable or a car charger. Lastly, the BT135 comes with three interchangeable snap-on strips that are styled in what Jabra terms as ‘retro-futuristic’. The concept may not be new but it is novel in the sense that it has yet to be commonly employed in Bluetooth headset design. The three snap-ons are available in fancy colors called Afterdark Black, Ski Patrol Red and Moss Stone Green.

Of course, being a Jabra Bluetooth headset means you can pretty much expect the BT135 to be a joy to use.

Once you’ve sat through the initial charge of about two hours, all you need to do is to press and hold the answer/end button until the blue LED lights up, search for the BT135 via Bluetooth and input the default passkey of 0000 to conclude the pairing process. The status of the headset can be easily monitored via the LED which flashes every three seconds when in standby mode or flash continuously when the built-in battery is depleting.

Chat Freely

To extract the optimal performance from the BT135, the bundled manual states that the headset should be worn on the same side as where the mobile phone resides, which we did. In doing so, we were able to get the best voice quality possible and found absolutely no static noise whatsoever during conversations. In addition, the omni-directional microphone did a good job to provide a clean and smooth voice for the other party on the line.

Even when our audio test was extended to a noisy environment, the sound quality remained surprisingly audible with background hisses and piercing noises fairly well subdued. Finally, the Jabra BT135 gave us a total talk time of around 8 hours and several days of standby time, quite surprising for its size.

Final Thoughts

The Jabra BT135 is a headset that will give you the freedom you need. It’s lightweight, compact, comfortable and very easy to operate. Furthermore, with a fairly long battery life and three interchangeable snap-on strips, it’s quite chic as well.

Product Specifications

  • Bluetooth Requirements: Bluetooth v2.0
  • Supported Bluetooth Profiles: Headset and Hands-free Profiles
  • Operating Range: 33 feet (10 meters)
  • Talk/Standby Time: 8 Hours/ 170 Hours
  • Features: Answer/end call, Voice dialing, Call Reject, Call waiting, Call hold, Mute
  • Dimensions: 51 x 24 x 19mm
  • Weight: 14g