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OSIM iGoGo MP3 Player and Massager
Portable Audio/Video Players | First Looks
Wed 06 Dec 2006

An Osim a Day...


The navigation layout is slightly clumsy but passable for a health-centric MP3 player.

Standard 3.5mm audio jack, USB 1.1
and charging port at the base.

The wireless massagers have
to be charged separately.

Like you, we’ve heard the cliché saying “A jack of all trades is a master of none” far too many times than we care to remember, especially in our context where we are literally swarmed by multi-function products. Even so, we could hardly contain our curiosity and excitement when OSIM dropped an MP3 player with wireless massage capability at our doorstep.

Touch the Masseuse

The sleek black and silver OSIM iGoGo player looks very much like any other MP3 player, albeit a tad on the large side. Under its glossy plastic fascia is an archaic mono-colored LCD screen, which is only excusable because it is first and foremost a health product with MP3 playback functionality. This is most evident by the big, single-minded button below the LCD screen that synchronizes massage patterns to MP3 playback. A host of buttons for controlling volume, power, track navigation and massage intensity along the sides of the player rounds up all the inputs you can expect to find on the iGoGo player. Elsewhere in the package is a pair of earphones, a charger, a travel bag, two wireless massaging receiver modules and four hydro pads. As durable as the hydro pads are, these actually degrade over time, but thankfully replacing all four will only set you back by S$28.

Wireless Comfort

Wireless massaging of the iGoGo is achieved via radio frequencies from the player to the two wireless massaging receiver modules. With the synchronization button pressed and two hydro pads pasted to aching parts of your body, the iGoGo MP3 player will begin transmitting radio pulses produced by the rhythm of songs it plays to the receiver modules that then translate these pulses into massaging patterns you feel via the hydropads – you’ll need to purchase two more receiver modules to fully utilize the four bundled hydropads.

Three massage patterns, namely tap, modulate and knead are provided with each having different styles and intensities ranging between 0 and 120. At levels of 50 and below, the massage patterns felt more ticklish than soothing. It was only raised to 70 and above did we begin to get a gratifying massage. So our advice for the skeptics would be to bite the bullet and turn it right up to 70 and beyond. It might feel weird for a minute or two but once you’re adjusted, the full therapeutic benefits from this tiny monster of a massager will be very enjoyable.

Going back to its secondary function, the OSIM iGoGo only has 128MB of onboard memory for storing MP3 music files, which is miserable by today's standards. Thankfully, there is a MMC expansion slot that you can use to load in more MP3 files, which is the only format supported by the iGoGo by the way. As expected, audio quality was average at best. Pops and hisses were common regardless the tracks, which means the iGoGo is best appreciated as a random massager than an MP3 player.

Our Thoughts

As a health product, the OSIM iGoGo is brilliant. The massaging really works and because it really synchronizes with the music it plays, there is no predictability to the kind of massage routine you’ll get.

Despite the average audio experience and relatively steep RRP of USD$410, we were sold by the strength of the two tiny iGoGo massagers. We were most impressed by the novelty of wireless massaging that allows us to get a good back rub while performing mundane chores. In fact, the OSIM iGoGo has just booked a spot on our Christmas wish list!

Product Specifications

  • Monochrome Display
  • 128MB Flash Storage Capacity
  • MMC Expansion Slot
  • USB 1.1 interface
  • Audio Format: MP3 (32 kbps to 320 kbps)
  • Included: 2 x Wireless Massagers, 4 x Hydro Gel Pads, 1 x Hydro Gel Pads Holder, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Power Adaptor, 1 x Power Adaptor Splitter, 1 x Earphone, 1 x Travel Pouch and Channel Number Label Stickers
  • Dimensions: 128 x 75 x 16mm (iGoGo) & 60 x 45 x 16mm (Massagers)