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Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Gaming Mouse
Input Devices | First Looks
Thu 16 Feb 2006

A Fatal Mouse that is Out to Kill 


White button below the scroll lights up in different colors to indicate CPI mode in use.

Side thumb button is right next to the infamous "Fatal1ty" insignia

Three different weights to customize the overall weight of the mouse

A competitive gamer knows that a fast and responsive mouse plays a decisive role in either bagging or dropping ‘frags’ in virtual battles. When it comes to gaming, one highly revered name all gamers worth their salt should be familiar with is Jonathan "Fatal1ty” Wendel. With multiple accolades and a number of fat product endorsements under his belt, it is not surprising that more and more budding gamers are aspiring to emulate his success. One possible way to inch towards realizing that dream could be in the form of the latest Fatal1ty 1010 mouse. This is the second product to emerge from collaboration with Creative Technology and much of its ergonomics and usability were a direct result of inputs from the champion gamer himself, which means to say the mouse should be as good as it gets in understanding the winning ways of Fatal1ty.

Hideous Looking Monster

With its unconventional oddball four-button design, the Fatal1ty 1010 mouse is hardly a looker, but when was the last time you won a game because you had a stylish looking mouse anyway? According to Fatal1ty, the fourth button not only provides an additional key for gamers but also helps to improve the ergonomics of the mouse, allowing for what he calls 'True Grip' in that fingers instead of wrist are used to control the mouse for better accuracy. Even the side thumb button has been carefully positioned such that your right thumb will rest naturally on the button when the mouse is held.

Mighty Gaming Mice in Disguise 

After putting the Fatal1ty 1010 through several games, we immediately fell in love with the instant resolution change button that switches the resolution of the mouse to either 400, 800 or 1600 CPI (count per inch).    

Resolutions are indicated by different colors so users will always be aware of the resolution used at all times. As with all gaming mice these days, the 1010 mouse uses optical technology and has up to 5.8 megapixel report rate per second.

Like the Razer Copperhead, the 1010 also use a gold plated USB connector to ensure fast connection with the PC. A set of four Teflon feet on the mouse produced silky smooth movement when tested on reputable mouse pads such as the Razer eXactmat and a number of Everglide’s mouse surfaces. Then there is the noteworthy ‘G-Weight’ system, which basically serves a function very similar to the Logitech G5 mouse in that weight modules of 3.5, 11 and 26g can be inserted for exacting gamers to achieve an optimum weight for sharper control of the mouse.

Final Thoughts

With Creative joining the gaming mouse market, gamers now have even more choices of quality gaming mice to wield in virtual confrontations. If mice such as the Razer Copperhead and Logitech G5 are too pricey to you, you will be pleased to know that Creative has priced the 1010 at just USD$49.99. In our opinion, the Fatal1ty 1010 mouse is great value for money, but for the more demanding sorts, there is always the top of the range Fatal1ty 2020 that runs on laser technology at a resolution of 2400 CPI, which is set to retail at USD$69.99. For the price it commands, the Fatal1ty 1010 mouse was a superb gaming mouse, but if we were to nitpick, the short cable length and simple software were two shortcomings we hope would be addressed in future revisions.

Four Teflon feet for smooth movements.

You can rest your little finger on the mouse comfortably and use it as alternate fire.

The mouse is design such that you'll use your fingers to do all the movements

Product Specifications
  • 5.8 Megapixels per second report rate
  • CPI Resolution : 400 (Green), 800 (Orange), 1600 (Red)
  • Zero Oxygen Copper Wire (with Gold Plated USB Connection)
  • Genuine Teflon Gaming Mouse Feet
  • Customizable 5-button Interface
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 103.5 x 70 x 40.9mm
  • Weight : 114.5g