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Blueye Cyclops Bluetooth Stereo Headphone
Speakers/Headphones | First Looks
Sun 29 Jan 2006

Go Stylish with Blue 


By attaching the microphone, you can use it as a handsfree for your mobile phone.

The receiver module comes with a movable antenna and will fit most 35mm audio devices.

You can also connect the receiver module to RCA connector on consoles too.

The high availability and usage of Bluetooth headphones with A2DP technology today not only relates the pervasiveness of such devices, but also indicates that they are very much here to stay. Of keener interest are advanced models that allow multiple pairings of mobile phones and audio devices simultaneously and one notable example is the Blueye Cyclops Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. Presumably, this model has a longer range and better audio quality than competing models, but before we move on to elaborate more, let us first inspect the physical attributes of the headphones.

The One-Eye Beast Looks Like…

The Blueye Cyclops Bluetooth Stereo Headphones is a behind-the-head street style headphone with a fixed headband for anchorage on ears. But because of its excessively long and non-adjustable headband, vertical head movements will be restricted to a certain extent. This unfortunately resulted in a rear-heavy headphones, making it rather unsuitable for usage over a lengthy period of time. All controls are clustered on the right side of the headphone and this includes power, volume and track control buttons. The track forward/backward buttons can only be used on Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), which sadly is not yet common today. Handling is easy because the headphone can be folded and tucked away easily.

The receiver module is slightly larger than most adapters in the market and this probably explains its extended range of up to 15 meters - Class 2 devices usually have a range up to 10 meters only. The movable antenna is meant to strengthen long-range connection, especially when used in large spaces such as a living room.

The receiver module can also be connected to a stereo console device (i.e. Audio receiver) via RCA connections using adapter cable, thereby allowing you to enjoy your favorite music and even DVD movies wirelessly. Using the headphone as a handsfree device for mobile phones is another major function of the Blueye Cyclops Bluetooth Stereo Headphone. Users may call and start talking just as they would with any normal headset simply by attaching the detachable microphone onto the right side headphone. However, given that the microphone is detachable, there is a foreseeable issue that it might be misplaced easily and Blueye is aware of this, as they have kindly packed in not one but two microphone attachments with every retail unit.

In Application

With an iPod nano as audio source, we were pleasantly astounded by the audio quality of the Blueye Cyclops Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. Most Bluetooth headphones do not sound better than quality headphones you can purchase of the same price but this was not the case with the Blueye headset. Music sounded clear with acceptable bass reproduction. There was barely any lag or distortion even at a dsitance of 12 meters and that means more mobility as you can now cover more distance and still be able to listen to music and receive phone calls. Using it with a mobile phone and an audio device simultaneously worked flawlessly and no additional steps were required to resume music enjoyment because the headset was able to automatically interrupt audio playback and resume it after a call was concluded.

The amazing 2-in-1 Blueye Cyclops Bluetooth Headphones is available in two contemporary shades of either black or white and it can be yours at a reasonable price of USD$118.

Product Specifications
    • Playback time - Up to 6.5 hours
    • Extended transmission range of up to 15 meters
    • Connection type - RCA and 3.5mm headphone mini-jack
    • Supports VoIP calls via USB adapter
    • Supports Bluetooth Hands-Free and Headset Profiles, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio/Video Remote Control Profiles (AVRCP)  
    • Weight: 82g (headphones), 28g (receiver module)