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Sennheiser PC160SK Stereo Headset
Speakers/Headphones | First Looks
Sat 10 Dec 2005

Listen and Talk at the Same Time

Microphone arm is flexible, so no worries of breakages.

Wired control for swift volume and mic control.

Wide headband with thick cushioning makes for good comfort.

Fueled by scores of multiplayer games that support instant voice communication for a higher level of cohesive team play, specialized communication equipments designed for gaming are fast becoming an integral component in the arsenal of a modern day gamer. Highly popular games such as Counter-Strike and World of Warcraft are prime examples of the increasing need for gamers to engage and communicate with fellow gamers, shattering the old image of the reclusive  sitting alone in front of a monitor.

It Was Inevitable...

In virtual team based battle arenas where speed of communication is pivotal for a team to claim victory, the conventional typing mode of strategizing is simply too slow. Although the use of preset messages is still viable, it is nowhere near as flexible nor does it offer immediacy in conveying detailed information or in some cases instructions or messages to specific teammates. Clearly, voice communication is the way forward and as high-speed Internet bandwidth becomes more and more affordable and accessible, so too is the adoption rate of multiplayer online games with emphasis on team play. Among the very best in the business of audio and voice communication gadgets is Sennheiser Communications, and the latest they have to offer to this budding community of gamers is the PC160SK special edition headset.

SK Gaming Who?

A product emerging from the collaboration between Sennheiser Communications and SK Gaming pretty much spells out the qualities to expect from the PC160SK headset. For the uninitiated, SK Gaming is an internationally acclaimed gaming team that came to fame from a runaway spell of successes in the global hit game Counter-Strike. As such, by getting the SK Gaming team involved in the headset, acquiring their seal of approval and endorsement of the PC160SK is as good as it gets in reaching out to the gaming population.

It's Built Right Alright

Suffice to say, comfort is the first aspect that is right with the PC160SK. A combination of a relatively flat headband that connects a pair of heavily cushioned cans allows the headset to be worn comfortably without excessive holding pressure applied to end-user, which is usually the main cause of discomfort from prolonged usage.

Due to the long hours put in by gamers, a comfortable headset is definitely an important consideration parameter, just as important as build quality, which is yet another key check box ticked. Gamers who frequently congregate for LAN (Local Area Network) parties will be delighted to know that thick heavy-duty plastic was used for the construction of the PC160SK, translating to higher confidence in the integrity of the headset as far as wear and tear are concerned. The lengthy audio cable and the wired volume control are another two other plus points that gamers will appreciate and are clear signs of careful product planning.

Game On!

The pair of fairly large cans did a pretty good job in cutting out ambient noises, but was not up to expectation in terms of audio characteristics. Overall frequency response was a little flat, lacking drive in the higher bands for a richer, fuller audio experience. Bass on the other hand was sweetly taken care of by the PC160SK, which gave us reason to suspect that the frequency response was perhaps intentionally tuned down to make the headset easier on the ears than if it was harsher on higher frequencies. That being said, using the PC160SK headset for music listening is not highly recommended, especially if you are used to a fuller audio staging.

If The Price Is Right

The microphone is without a doubt the party piece of the PC160SK. Not only was it clearer and more defined than your average desktop microphone, the positioning and the build quality of the microphone appendage and its robust rotating hub are also worth commending. Obviously, with this much quality and substance, the Sennheiser PC160SK stereo headset is certainly not going to be cheap. True enough, with a price premium of US$130, the PC160SK is a double-branded luxury item to own. But even so, there should be no lack of buyers given the growing group of ardent gamers who strongly believe in expensive gaming mice, keyboards and other gaming oriented input devices to beef up both their gaming skills and image.


Product Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 15-23000Hz
  • Impedance: 16ohm
  • Efficiency: 114db
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Mic Frequency Response: 80-15000Hz
  • Mic Pick-up Pattern: Uni-Directional
  • Mic Sensitivity: -38db
  • Mic Impedance: 2000ohm