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Maxtill Max G2-Pad
Input Devices | First Looks
Tue 29 Nov 2005

Give Your Mouse Some Smooth Loving

Matt surface.

The Max G2-Pad in action.

 6 rubber studs hold the pad firmly to your desk.

While the good old keyboard and mouse have both undergone numerous transformations in design ergonomics and technology, the humble mouse pad, which has long stood in the shadows of its more illustrious counterparts, is actually a very different gear from years before. Just as with the transition of consumer preference from ball mice to optical mice, newer and more sophisticated mouse pads are now more widely favored over the flimsy and unsophisticated soft cloth mouse pads of yesteryears. These days, the materials used in making modern mouse pads are far more advanced and varied with exotic materials such as glass, metal, Teflon (nonstick material commonly applied on cooking utensils), plastic and even tough friction free cloth.

The Evolution…
Fueled by the onslaught of fast paced FPS games, more and more gamers are becoming fussy about the quality of their gaming arsenal - the keyboard, the mouse, and the modest mouse pad. In keeping pace with the evolution that has since saw the technologies for keyboards and mice being elevated to encompass ergonomics and accuracy, mouse pad manufacturers are locked in a race to craft the best surface that would allow precision tracking and control of optical mice. Of the aforementioned materials used in current lot of precision mouse pads, glass is arguably the best material in creating a mouse pad with an ultra smooth surface for effortless control of optical gaming mice. Through the use of tempered glass and an undisclosed combination of special polymers and alloys, the Max G2-Pad from Maxtill is another fine example of cutting edge mouse pads designed almost exclusively for serious gamers wanting nothing less than precision gaming gear for that extra edge in their daily 'fragging' regime.

It Is Tough

According to Maxtill, the Max G2-Pad series of tempered glass mouse pads is specially treated during the manufacturing process to produce a matt surface that is not just smooth to the touch, but also highly scratch resistant and completely flat from end to end indefinitely. As a result of the hardening phase involved in tempered glass manufacturing, the strength of the Max G2-Pad is anywhere between five to 10 times that of mouse pads made from non-tempered glass. The rigidity also means that it is a mouse pad that will not warp over time, not even after extensive usage.

There are however some drawbacks to tempered glass mouse pads. First and foremost of which is that it cannot be rolled up for carefree hops to LAN parties and that means careful handling is required on your part. Then there is the thickness factor of the Max G2-Pad, which unfortunately has to be engineered as such to achieve maximum strength for its dimensions.

Smooth Swiping Action
Measuring 30 x 25cm, it goes without saying that the Max G2-Pad is going to consume a fair bit of desktop space. This could pose as a challenge for many, but if you were able to allocate space to accommodate the mouse pad, you would find that your effort was worth the trouble. Functioning as expected, every mouse, namely the Logitech Wheel Mouse, the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0 and the Razor Diamondback thrown onto the Max G2-Pad worked flawlessly, gliding smoothly with no loss in optical pickup whatsoever. Compared to an Everglide 'Giganta', movements on the Max G2-Pad were smoother - although some might argue that the loss of friction is actually a loss in feedback.

When given a good run-in over a session of Quake 3, the newfound smoothness meant we had to lower our mouse sensitivity to recover the old calibration that we were used to. Despite the violent mouse movements during intense gaming, six rubber studs on the flipside of the surface did an excellent job in holding the Max G2-Pad firmly in its place.

Worth mentioning are the 20 mouse feet replacements that come standard with every purchase of the Max G2-Pad, which means to say the entire package should easily last you years.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Max G2-Pad is a solid (literally) mouse surface that works as expected of a glass mouse pad. It is easy to maintain, scratch resistant, hardy, and only costs about US$20, which is not much to ask for a smooth mouse pad manufactured out of tempered glass. Oh, it is also available in blue, brown and semi-transparent white. 

Product Specifications

  • Material: Glass (Tempered)
  • Dimension: 270 x 220 x 5mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 0.74kg