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HTC Touch HD2 to Sport Android OS
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Mon 07 Sep 2009

Well, the news has been out over the weekend, but it's still worth a mention. Word is out that the successor to last year's HTC Touch HD will not be on the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. So which is it? It's pretty obvious that if it ain't Windows Mobile 6.5, it's got to be Google Android. Up till now, HTC's Android lineup has been seen on devices that are still on the HVGA resolution of 360 x 480. With the move to a wider screen, the question that comes to mind is - will it be using capacitive touch screen like its previous Android siblings?

Engadget - Fanboys the world over swooned over the HTC Touch HD when it launched last year, but word is that HTC's planning on making a major change to its high-res handset for the sequel: it's switching to Android. That's at least the hot whisper 'round the tubes this afternoon, and while that would ordinarily be enough to make the 'droidboys to go crazy -- the CPU is reportedly a 628MHz Qualcomm chip, not the slightly overtaxed 528MHz number we've seen in every other Android handset to date.

Your guess is as good as ours. While we await for more news from HTC themselves, do check out the full story here.