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SonicGear Earpump 2 Earphones
Speakers/Headphones | First Looks
Thu 30 Apr 2009


Pump it up!

By Kenny Yeo

If we haven't told you, you'd probably never guess that SonicGear is based locally, right here in sunny Singapore. The company might be relatively new, but its products are fast making a name for themselves as being extremely value for money. Today we take a look at their latest offering - the Earpump 2 - a second take at their popular Earpump earphones.

Psychedelic Colors

Probably the first thing you'll notice about SonicGear's Earpump 2 earphones are its striking, bright colors. The Earpump 2 comes in four colors - Metallic Black, Metallic Green, Metallic Orange and Metallic Red. Our unit came in green and it immediately reminded us of lime-green Lamborghinis. Those looking to stand out from the crowd with their earphones will definitely like these colors.

The earphones themselves are sized perfectly and SonicGear even provides a handy carrying case for you to stow them away when not in use. Along with the carrying case, the Earpump 2 also comes with three additional pairs of rubber earbuds so as to ensure the perfect fit in your ear canals. 

Darkness Falls

SonicGear touts the Earpump 2 as "hi-fidelity noise isolation earplugs" and they certainly do not disappoint. With so many different sized earbuds to choose from, the Earpump 2 fits snugly, a little intrusive perhaps, but never uncomfortable. And once you find the right fitting earbuds, you'll instantly notice the amount of isolation the Earpump 2 provides. In terms of sheer noise isolation, it easily matches up to more established names such as Shure and Ultimate Ears.

This amount of noise isolation is one of the reasons why the Earpump 2 sounds good. There's no need to raise the volume to listen to your music. Paired with an iPhone, we found the Earpump 2 to be a competent performer. Overall, the Earpump 2 sounded dark, and the vocals and highs were a little recessed. This was especially noticeable on jazz and ballads.

Putting on some trance tracks, we found that while the bass is present in copious amounts, it wasn't as punchy as we liked. The overall sound signature of the Earpump 2 lends itself well to someone who is looking for a smooth, listening experience.

Final Thoughts

We were pleasantly surprised by the Earpump 2. After spending time with it, we could hardly believe our ears when we were told that these pair of earphones could be had for a mere S$29.90. They certainly sounded more expensive than that. Following closely in the company's tradition, if a pair of bang-for-buck earphones are what you need, the Earpump 2 is a stellar choice.

Product Specifications

  • Hi-fidelity, highly effective noise isolation
  • Clear strong and deep bass audio
  • Space-age rubber plug material
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Input Power: 105mW (max)
  • Speaker Dimension: 15mm
  • Sensitivity: 105 at 1K Hz
  • Impedance: 32ohms
  • Cord length: 1.3m