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Emtec Giga Cube
Portable Storage | First Looks
Wed 04 Oct 2006

Storage and Productivity in a Cube

Rubber surface with a cleverly hidden USB hub.

Ceedo's Interface is quite similar to Windows.

You can download programs by visiting the Ceedo website.

Portable media storage in the past has always relied on the archaic floppy disk and in recent years, from CDs to DVDs, portable HDDs and solid state memory devices such as thumb drives and the various flash cards. All these new forms of storage at one time or another have been tried as floppy replacements with humongous disk space and faster speeds. However, once in a while, we run into products that offer a lot more than just having the ability to store your files; taking the next step and bringing office mobility and productivity into the picture as well. The new Emtec Giga Cube does just that by not only storing your files, but comes pre-installed with many useful productivity applications as well.

Cubic Performer

Besides being able to drag and drop your files onto the device, the Giga Cube also allows users to work in any computer using his/her own applications with a built-in program called Ceedo.
The Ceedo Easy Access Menu automatically launches after installing the drivers to the PC, providing end users with programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Skype that runs independently off the Giga Cube. Need more applications such as WinZip, Opera, Spybot, and the like? By visiting Ceedo’s website, users may download additional compatible programs and install it to the device, enhancing data management.

Additionally, the Ceedo software is able to detect programs people usually use for office work. For example, if a computer has Microsoft Office installed on it, Ceedo can create a temporary Microsoft Office working copy in the drive itself, enabling users to create and save Word, Excel, and Power Point files, thus carrying their work around without worries.

As a security feature, users can also surf the net and save files, music, pictures, and favorite web addresses without leaving a trace, since the Ceedo program cleans up the evidence right before users eject the unit.

We have tested the Giga Cube using HD Tach and PCMark04, and we are quite pleased with the results, for it had an above average read as well as file copying rate for a USB device.

Smooth Sailing

To prevent unnecessary scratches and possibly as a shock absorber for the Micro HDD inside, the Giga Cube has a soft black rubber protective casing. While this is a good precaution, we were disappointed to find out that the reverse side didn’t have the same material, sporting a metallic finish instead.

With a storage capacity of either 4GB or 8GB, users can now transfer his/her data to desktops, notebooks, and even Macs with ease. There is no need for installers or drivers, as the Giga Cube is a plug-and-play device, though if you intend to use its Ceedo feature, you'll need to install its accompanying software.

Our Thoughts

The small form factor, fast read and copy rates and notable storage capacity definitely makes the Giga Cube portable USB Micro HDD quite a charmer. And with the Ceedo program, this Cube can really be regarded as a PC on the go with all its pre-installed software. It's just too bad though as there is no password protection feature to prevent prying eyes from accessing your data. Otherwise, this portable drive is a great addition to your storage arsenal.

Product Specifications

  • Compatible OS: Windows, Linux 2.4 or higher, MAC OS 9.0 or higher.
  • Power Supply: USB Powered
  • Storage Device: Micro Hard Drive
  • Capacity: 4GB (Orange) / 8GB (Blue)
  • Included Software: Ceedo with Skype, Outlook, Internet Explorer. Additional files can be downloaded.
  • Dimensions: 49mm x 65.3mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 50g