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ExBoot 2.5-inch One Touch Portable HDD
Portable Storage | First Looks
Mon 13 Feb 2006

One Touch Mini Wonder

ExBoot uses a special Y cable through mini-USB connection for data and power.

ExBoot is made for portability and comes with a nice leather case for carrying around.

It comes with a software thats let you set the schedules for auto backup.

Most of us backup our precious data every once in a while and sometimes we only do it when our temperamental systems start to act up. Obviously, without regular data backup, one will always be at the mercy of the integrity of your computer, which in this day and age of spam, spyware and viruses means the odds are barely working in your favor. Now instead of just crossing your fingers and wishing that you had some form of backup lying around when disaster hits you, there is now an easy backup solution with an automatic backup scheduler and a simple one-touch button to facilitate effortless, regular backup of your precious data. The solution we are looking at today is the ExBoot EXB-0121 and this not only backs up data that you want but also your operating system and applications as well. It claims one touch is all you need to have a peace of mind, but is this really the ultimate backup device? Read on!

Smart = One Touch

There are several models available in the ExBoot's series of backup and recovery devices, but our focus today is the slim 2.5-inch model (EXB-0121) that looks just like another ordinary portable HDD enclosure. Our unit came pre-installed with 80GB hard disk (Seagate) with a one-to-one exchange warranty policy should the drive fail within a year. Alternatively, you can also opt to get the ExBoot without a hard disk drive if you happen to have spare 2.5-inch drives lying around. Installation is as simple as unscrewing the front case, slide in the hard drive and mount back the front plate as stated in the quick installation guide. Once that is done, the next step is to connect the ExBoot to your PC.

Most of the bigger external hard drives come with a dedicated power adapter that can be too bulky for good portability. For the sake of convenience, Exboot uses a special Y-cable that connects to two USB ports for data traffic and power. 

For notebook users who do not have USB ports side by side, ExBoot has included a USB to DC-inlet cable to ensure power will not be an issue at all.

Back Them Up

At the core of the ExBoot's one-touch backup function is a software called AXIOMTEK and with this, backup is just a simple process of pointing to the folder(s) and hitting the one-touch button to begin the backup process. The ExBoot also supports external bootup from USB 2.0 interface and comes with a bootable recovery CD for accessing the backup and restore options in situations when Windows is corrupted. Do note that this function requires a motherboard that allows devices to boot from USB.

Final Thoughts

With its petite size and portability, the ExBoot EXB-0121 is one of the smallest portable hard disk drive enclosures around that can perform one-touch data backups while being thoroughly portable. This makes it a perfect portable recovery device for frequent travelers roaming between places and with a notebook in hand. Given its small dimensions and cable bundle, the ExBoot EXB-0121 will also fit nicely into the compartments of notebook carriers while freeing you from having to worry about any extra bulky power bricks. What we like most about the ExBoot is the convenience it offers from its dual role as a portable storage and a data backup device. If you require more than 80GB of portable storage, there is a 3.5-inch version called the ExBoot EXB-0131, but for folks preferring portability, the USD$214 ExBoot EXB-0121 is the drive to get.

Product Specifications
  • Host Interface: USB 2.0
  • 80GB 2.5-inch HDD Included
  • Maximum Transfer Speed: 480Mbps
  • Disk Interface: ATA
  • Dimension: 80 x 136 x 16mm
  • Weight: 100g