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LG Tips GD900 Crystal As World's First Transparent Phone
Mobile Phones | Just Announced
Wed 02 Sep 2009

Manila, Philippines
-- LG Electronics recently introduced the LG-GD900 Crystal, the world’s first transparent phone. It is also the first phone to feature LG’s next generation touch technology, Gesture Command, which complements the much-praised 3D S-Class User Interface (UI).

The LG-GD900 Crystal’s slide-down Crystal Touchpad first appears just like an alphanumeric keypad. Users soon realize that it actually serves as a touchpad for controlling the phone, much like the trackpad on a laptop computer. It recognizes handwriting, responds to multi-touch commands, and enables a new way of navigation called Gesture Command.

Most touch-enabled phones available must be in the main menu screen to open a new application or feature. To launch a feature on the LG-GD900 Crystal, simply press the phone’s multitasking button and draw one of 12 easy symbols on the keypad. Users can assign these symbols to any of the phone’s nine multitasking-enabled features.

For instance, if the symbol resembling a capital “M” is assigned to the MP3 player, launching this feature is as easy as writing “M” on the Crystal Touchpad. This is especially handy to start some background music in the middle of another task, like while one is composing an e-mail. Depending on individual preferences, this same “M” symbol could also be assigned to a different feature like the Memo Pad.

Slid open, the Crystal Touchpad is completely transparent and illuminated with a soft glow. It is made of highly durable tempered glass and is framed and reinforced by a band of Liquidmetal, a composite alloy that is ultra-strong and able to absorb shock and vibration.

Underlying the LG-GD900 Crystal’s ease-of-use is LG’s intuitive 3D S-class UI. The handset also features a dedicated graphics chipset so that multimedia plays perfectly and transitions between features run smoothly. An 8 megapixel AF camera and MP3 player round out the phone’s main features.