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HP Ships Power Supply Cord With 10kg Pallet
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Mon 24 Aug 2009

So much for the environment hey? A guy ordered a power supply cord from HP and got it shipped to him in a oversized box that has space for at least "five laptops". If you thought that was the end of it, well the best part is yet to come. While the box weighed just barely 300g (according to him), it was also shipped with a 10kg wooden pallet that he had to lug all the way back to his apartment. This kind of ridiculous just for one power supply cord no? - Recently, I ordered a 10ft AC cord from HP for use with my power adaptor. For just one small piece of power plug, this is how it was delivered to me. In a 10kg wooden pallet, directly from Inventec in Shanghai.

This is simply ridiculous as the barely 300g box was contained within a larger box and strapped to a wooden pallet weighing more than the contents itself. DHL must have charged HP a lot for this shipment, so how could this even be cost effective.

Anyone order anything lately from HP and experienced something similar?

Anyhows, pictures and more here.