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ZoneOut - Dreaming the HTC Dream

ZoneOut - Dreaming the HTC Dream

ZoneOut - HTC Dream

Dream a Little Dream

Google's Android Phone, the HTC G1, is also known as the HTC Dream here in Singapore. When it first made its presence felt in the United States as the T-Mobile G1, it got us yearning for all the open source goodness it embodies. Finally, the first device powered by the Google Android OS is here in this region. With a tripartite relationship between HTC, Google and SingTel, the HTC Dream is now available to consumers when it popped up all over SingTel shops over the last weekend. Now, how many of you out there have taken the plunge into the new and exciting Android? Or are you still pondering upon your next purchase? We got a little hands-on time with the HTC Dream to give you a video recap of what you can expect out of this Android device.

And there you have it. By now the HTC Dream advertisements would have been plastered all over our sunny island, and if you've been making your weekly shopping trip to the malls, you would have spotted the HTC Dream proudly positioned in the SingTel shops. Similar to the exclusivity of the iPhone, the HTC Dream will also be purchasable with one of the three new SingTel Flexi plans with prices starting as low as S$38 for the device under a 3G Flexi Plus (S$95/month) plan. Feel free to check out the SingTel Shop and ponder upon it while we keep a keen eye on the HTC Dream that should be reaching our labs anytime soon for a full review!