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Windows Mobile 6.1 - On the Dot

Windows Mobile 6.1 - On the Dot

Key Features of Windows Mobile 6.1 - Getting Started

Key Features of Windows Mobile 6.1

Generally speaking, Windows Mobile 6.1 is building further on the Windows Mobile 6 platform, adding various new features and functionalities to enhance the user experience. The biggest improvement was noticeably found on Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, designated for non-touch screen mobile devices, whereas Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional (for touch screen enabled devices) does gets a slight tweak in its user interface. The crucial point here is the closing gap with regards to the user interface between the Standard and Professional standard, similar to what we've seen in Windows Mobile 6. Over the following pages, we give you a quick breakdown of what to expect in Windows Mobile 6.1.

Getting Started

Applicable for both the Standard and Professional version, the Getting Started Center is pretty self-explanatory, and provides you with a fast and intuitive method to perform the basic setup in a matter of minutes. User friendliness is a plus point for Windows Mobile 6.1, which might see an increase in new adopters for the platform.