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What's the Right Price - A Trio of GeForce GTX 260

What's the Right Price - A Trio of GeForce GTX 260

Temperature Testing & Overclocking


With default clocks, the Leadtek was obviously the choice as the GTX 260 with the lowest operating core temperature when running our temperature test. At 65 degrees Celsius, it was at least five degrees cooler than the XFX or Zotac. ATI's performance does seem to come with a price, as the rather tame default fans on these cards are not spinning fast enough to bring their temperatures down below the 70 degrees mark.


After our usual benchmarks, we decided to try our luck at overclocking the GTX 260 using the NVIDIA driver's built-in tool. The cards all had quite similar overclocking allowance, with the XFX living up to its name with the best result of the three. With such clock speeds, there was much improvement in Vantage scores and even with the handicap of its narrower memory bus and fewer stream processors, the GeForce GTX 260 contingent were still faster than the GTX 280 base model.