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Top Must-Have Travel Gadgets 2010

Top Must-Have Travel Gadgets 2010

For Casual Travelers

For Casual Travelers

These are your simple tourists who just want to get out of the country to relax, see and experience new things and absorb foreign culture. They just want a fuss-free holiday and therefore love tour packages because everything is arranged and catered for. The more discerning amongst them, however, might opt for free and easy packages. They love gadgets that can help them preserve memories of the trip, but nothing too fancy or complicated.



Samsung Pixon 12

Looking to travel with a light inventory? That means you wouldn't want to bring along too many gadgets. To be practical about it, having the Samsung Pixon12 that functions as a phone and a powerful imaging device with its 12-megapixel sensor, 28mm wide angle lens and imaging features such as Beauty Shot will be more than sufficient for your travel logs.

Price: S$998



CISCO Flip Mino HD

Shoot videos with your phone? Nah, it's too much for the batteries. If you love capturing animated footages rather than snapping stills, why not consider the CISCO Flip Mino HD instead? This USB-based camcorder is light and compact which makes it ideal for your travels. Best of all, this small little thing is also able to capture footages in 720p too. You are just one red button away from recording bliss.

Price: S$349



Sony Alpha Nex-5

Want to travel light yet still be able to take plenty of beautiful DSLR quality pictures? The Sony Nex-5 is the camera of choice then, thanks to its interchangeable lens feature and compact build. It can also capture videos in 1080p HD resolution, which means you don’t need to lug around a video camera too!

Price: S$1,199



Creative Zen 300

Wish to bring your music on the go without any hassle? The Creative Zen Style 300 might be extremely small with an equally miniscule 1.8-inch LCD screen, but it comes with 4GB - 16GB worth of storage, a built-in speaker and FM radio. It's enough to keep you occupied during spurts of boredom.

Price: S$179



Choiix Power Fort

Find yourself short on power for your portable gadgets? The Choiix Power Fort ensures that a casual traveller like you gets all their charging needs met in one device. It can power tech gadgets, like your hand phones, cameras, or gaming portables - provided that they either have a mini- or micro-USB port or USB input.

Price: US$44.99



Nintendo DSi XL

Fancy having a sturdy portable gaming device with titles that last more than 3 minutes? The heftier model of the Nintendo DSi, equipped with a much bigger touch-screen and up to 17 hours of battery life, should fit your casual-travelling bill. Not only can you play classics like Tetris DS and Mario Kart with your pals, but you can also browse the net or even search for DSiWare games if there’s a WiFi spot nearby.

Price: S$275