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Top Must-Have Travel Gadgets 2010

Top Must-Have Travel Gadgets 2010

Top Must-Have Travel Gadgets 2010

Let Tech Make Your Trip an Unforgettable One

Travel lovers rejoice, for the NATAS (National Association of Travel Agents Singapore) Travel Fair 2010 happens today!

If you’ve been thinking about taking a holiday this year end, the NATAS Travel Fair is a good place to go find some inspiration as it is one of Singapore’s largest travel fairs and is a great place to scour for great deals and find some travel ideas.

Be it a simple holiday to the idyllic Redang Island, to bustling New York City, to the exotic Seychelles or to the historic city of Rome; one thing is for sure, a little technology can go a long way in enriching and even help make your holiday an unforgettable one.

Hence, the editorial team has carefully handpicked a selection of gadgets that can help enrich your holiday experience. There's something for everyone here, from your casual tourists, to your road trip junkie, and even those looking to go somewhere off the beaten track or just being extravagant.

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Gadgets for Every Traveler