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Top 100 Products of 2010

Top 100 Products of 2010

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What a year 2010 has been! Not only do we see an avalanche of smartphones, slate-type tablet computers, and 3D TVs (trust us, there are many more to come in 2011), this year has also seen some exciting breakthroughs and innovation in fields such as digital imaging and gaming. Of course, the PC/IT industry is not content in playing second fiddle to the consumer electronics industry. CPUs, graphics cards, and RAM are still getting faster by the day; notebooks manufacturers have now realized the importance of balancing feature set and design; and monitors are packing ever more dots into smaller screen estates.

Enough talk for now, in no particular order of merit, here are our top 100 picks for 2010.


Every year, Apple's smartphone entry makes the list. Despite a slight fiasco over the much reported death grip that kills your cellular signal, the iPhone 4 is undeniably one of the sleekest devices for 2010, and it is definitely generous in the performance aspect with its 1GHz processor and 3.5-inch 640 x 960-pixel resolution 'Retina Display'.


Samsung's flagship LED-backlit TV not only dishes out 3D in Full-HD, it also converts 2D sources to 3D on the fly. On top of that, the 34mm-slim Series 9 is equipped with a formidable arsenal of features, such as Internet@TV and Extended PVR functions. Above all, what's truly striking about this TV is its remote stick. The wand features a 3-inch LCD touchscreen which acts as a mini TV on its own.


Business notebooks got a much needed image makeover with the HP EliteBook 8440p. Instead of your usual drab matt covers, the EliteBook came designed with a classy brushed aluminum finish while still retaining features like a powerful Intel Core i5 / i7 processor options, business class discrete graphics, a matte screen and many other hallmark traits of an excellent notebook workstation.


The S95 is one of those products that does one thing so overwhelmingly well that it overshadows everything else. With its larger-than-usual sensor, the S95 shoots beautiful and detailed photos, with cleaner results than most - or even all - compact cameras of this size. If the one thing you care about more than anything else is image quality, the S95 is a clear choice.


Positioned by Philips as a challenger to Bowers & Wilkins legendary Zeppelin iPod docking system, to say that the Philips Fidelio Primo DS9000 has lofty expectations is not an overstatement. Fortunately, the Philips Fidelio Primo DS9000 delivers for it sounds absolutely wonderful. Crisp, clear, and authoritative, the Fidelio Primo DS9000 is one of the few iPod docking systems capable of going toe-to-toe with the revered Zeppelin, and that alone is high praise enough.


The 16.2-megapixel Sony Alpha A55 (as well as the 14.2-megapixel A33) breaks away from traditional SLR design by adopting a fixed translucent mirror in place of a moving mirror. The gives the A55 advanced features such as 10 fps continuous shooting (something unheard of for DSLRs in this price range), and full-time phase-detection autofocus during movie shooting.


Despite its mini-ITX form factor, the Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 manages to pack the latest features like USB 3.0 support. Even the BIOS is functionally equivalent to Gigabyte's larger boards, with plenty of overclocking options. And it is no slouch compared to its larger competitors when it comes to raw performance.


The Kinect for Xbox 360 proposes the idea that you are the controller. For starters, it uses a camera to build a 3D scene, and a motion sensor to track your entire body for movements. It recognizes gestures, movements, faces, as well as voices. With the Kinect, everybody can be like Tom Cruise in Minority Report.


The AR.Drone is not your typical remote-controlled helicopter. It has four independent rotors, and it receives control signals over WiFi. An iPhone or iPod touch is required to fly the AR.Drone. You can even drag your finger on the screen to control the direction the camera is pointing.


The EPSON EH-R4000 is the company’s flagship 3LCD home cinema projector. It uses a new Reflective LCD system to minimize light leakage, which in turn, results in improved contrast. Dynamic contrast ratio of the EH-R4000 is rated at an impressive 1,000,000:1, while native contrast ratio is at 40,000:1. Other headline features include a HQV Vida processor and a 2.1x zoom.