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Top 100 Products of 2008

Top 100 Products of 2008

Nos 11 - 20

Intel's Core i7 processors represent a major architectural shift towards greater bandwidth and even greater multi-core processing capabilities. Meant to form the foundation for upcoming generations of Intel processors, the Core i7 has shown much promise in these areas based on our benchmarking and we'll be seeing this architecture in more processors next year.

If you thought the standard HD 4870 X2 was big, you haven't seen anything yet. Occupying three slots and boasting dual fans, the Palit Revolution 700 Deluxe is the quad-stacker of graphics cards. Nothing in our labs was nearly as huge. Furthermore, it comes factory-overclocked to push ahead of the already fast reference card. This is one radical graphics card.

Once more, the Archos portable media player lineup managed to impress us for another year. This time, the huge 7-inch Archos 7 Internet Media Tablet caught our attention with its myriad of features and comfortable screen size. For us, it's either the best, or the smallest. With the Archos 7, it is the best.

With its mainstream offerings, the X25-M and X18-M solid state drives (SSD), Intel has entered the market with a bang. These new drives boast speeds that are heads and shoulders above the existing competition, thanks to its proprietary controller. The use of the less expensive multi level cell (MLC) technology also makes it more viable for mainstream users.

Audiophiles will probably fall head over heels in love with this music masterpiece from Sony Ericsson. The W980 has not only won an award in the recent 2008 European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) Awards for its superb sound quality, it has also won a spot in our Top 100 products of 2008 for the same reason.

The Notepal Infinite is an extremely well thought-out notebook cooling pad. It does well in bringing down the temperatures of your notebook, and at the same time also serves as a 4-port high speed USB hub. Also, the fact that it looks pretty good doesn't hurt at all.

Another motherboard that targets the overclocking enthusiast, the Foxconn Blackops is based on Intel's enthusiast class X48 chipset and gives unprecedented access for tweaking to overclockers with its extensive BIOS settings. Along with features that caters to this segment, it deserves a mention for bringing overclocking back into the spotlight.

We've had much luck with the compact digital cameras for this year. One of them would be the Canon Digital IXUS 80IS. Its strengths come in two forms; firstly, its affordability and comfortable Form factor. Going deeper, the performance of the IXUS 80IS ranks high with balanced amount of colors, white balance and resolution.

For a long time, NVIDIA has been the undisputed numero uno in the graphics card scene and it was getting boring, but not any more thanks to ATI's new Radeon HD 4800 series. With it, ATI has launched an impressive comeback that has left NVIDIA reeling with countermeasures to reposition its offerings.

  Making an immediate impact on display technology in 2008 was Mitsubishi's LaserVue 65-inch HDTV. The world's first laser powered TV, these expensive displays claim to have twice the color of typical HDTVs while consuming only half the power. There's even a 120Hz motion resolution technology similar to what's found in the market.